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Public Version 0.1.334 was released on January 27, 2014 - Alpha 1


  • Starting moving game content out of hardcoding and into external, modifiable xml and content files. This is the beginnings of the mod system.
  • Redid storage allowance system into a nice hierarchy, so you can allow/disallow storage of individual kinds of items in a stockpile, or do it by categories. All with a nice collapsible-category interface.
  • AI's now haul construction-blocking items to the nearest open square instead of hauling them all the way to storage.
  • Had to scrap and try a new approach to having fixed default categories on the storage buildings.
  • Integrated storyteller portraits in entry menus.
  • Unified thing dropping placement code.
  • Kassandra is now Cleopatra.
  • Updated credits.
  • Stockpiling AI can now collect resources for multiple building sites when taking resources to building sites. So if there is a long wall, they can collect a pile of metal and lay down a dozen wall sections at once instead of going back and forth for each one. They still only collect from one resource pile.
  • Stockpiling AI: Pawns will now draw from several resource piles if it helps them build more efficiently. So they can pick up from multiple resource piles, carry the resources in one trip, and then deposit them in multiple building sites. Very efficient and fun to watch!
  • Included Rho’s new RimWorld logo and Ricardo’s happy/sad Randy portrait.
  • Colonist will now eat from dispensers in prisoners’ rooms as well as store meals in prisoners’ rooms if there is no prisoner present.
  • You can now rename stockpiles.
  • Some fairly easy but extremely impactful optimizations: eliminated 30k/frame of memory allocs from switching to the same font over and over. Game no longer tries to make tooltips from every rock square in the map (only pawns make tooltips now). Some others.
  • Terrain, building, and terrain scatterable definitions are now all moddable. Concept definitions (used by the adaptive tutor) as well.
  • Imported the latest player creative content.
  • Continuing to tune the adaptive tutor and put in more lessons and cues.
  • Rho did nicer thicker outlines for characters.
  • Worker AI rejiggered to allow prioritization of different classes of targets within one work type. The upshot is that they’ll try to finish existing unfinished buildings before carrying resources to blueprints.
  • Adaptive tutor now saves its estimates of the player’s knowledge as a separate file that will persist between games. Delete Knowledge.xml (in savegames’ parent folder) to reset it.
  • Returned adaptive tutor and reworked the internal numbers to all be percentages.
  • Major optimizations on the algorithm for regenerating rooms. Will help during mining.
  • Deconstructing is now done by designating a target, which the colonists go deconstruct.

New Contents

  • Created audio authoring system, supporting one-shots and sustained sounds, various filters, pitch, volume settings, mappings from in-game parameters.
  • Created live-modding system, which allows modification of game content while the game is running. This includes the package editor and the definition editor.
  • Created apparel system and introduced the first batch of apparel from Rho’s art.
  • Created a system to randomize, remember, and manage colors for apparel and characters’ skin.
  • Lots of new art from Rho.
  • Added jacket from Rho.
  • AI can now add to existing stacks in storage, as well as handle various contingencies with lack of space, and so on.
  • Created adaptive tutor system. It watches everything you do and tries to determine your knowledge of various concepts. If it detects a concept is needed but knowledge hasn’t been demonstrated, it shows a helpful note. Effectively it tries to replicate a good teacher sitting behind you, saying only the things that are really needed.
  • Added preferred names list, so you can encourage the game to spawn your Name in Game or Backstory in Game character.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed another batch of stockpiling bugs, largely around configuration of special storage buildings.
  • Various bugfixes.

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