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Modding Tutorials
This page was originally created by RatelDE.

In this tutorial you will learn how to extract the base assets of Rimworld.


    1. UnityEx to extract the contents of the unity .asset archives.


To extract the original files from the Unity asset archives we will be using UnityEx which is compatible with Rimworld 1.0's Archives.

  1. Download UnityEx either by searching using your search engine of choice or via this link.
  2. Place the UnityEX.exe somewhere easily locatable (I prefer to place it into the Rimworld Directory).
  3. Run UnityEX.exe and open the .asset file you would like to extract, for example;
  4. Extract the files you need. If you are extracting .tex files you can use "Extract with convert", this will convert the .tex files to .dds.
  5. The extracted files will be placed into a new folder in the same directory (Unity_Assets_Files) as the .asset file you have extracted.

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