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Returns a list of all items with a specific tag.

It is controlled by Template:Tag List Excluder


The first paramater is the tag type, e.g. weaponTags

The second, third, fourth and fifth parameters are the contained tag to search for, e.g. SpacerGun

"value" is an optional parameter that puts a maximum on the Market Value of the returned items.


{{Tag List|weaponTags|SpacerGun}}

Charge lance Charge rifle

{{Tag List|weaponTags|IndustrialGunAdvanced}}

Assault rifle Chain shotgun Heavy SMG LMG

{{Tag List|weaponTags|SniperRifle}}

Sniper rifle

{{Tag List|weaponTags|SpacerGun|GunHeavy}}

Charge lance Charge rifle Minigun

{{Tag List|value=300|weaponTags|Gun}}

Autopistol Bolt-action rifle Machine pistol Pump shotgun Revolver