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ChocolateFine mealKibbleLavish mealNutrient paste mealPackaged survival mealPemmicanSimple meal
Raw Food
Agave fruitBerriesCassowary egg (fert.)Cassowary egg (unfert.)Chicken egg (fert.)Chicken egg (unfert.)Cobra egg (fert.)Cobra egg (unfert.)CornEggsEmu egg (fert.)Emu egg (unfert.)HayIguana egg (fert.)Iguana egg (unfert.)Insect jellyMeatMilkOstrich egg (fert.)Ostrich egg (unfert.)PotatoesRaw fungusRiceTortoise egg (fert.)Tortoise egg (unfert.)Turkey egg (fert.)Turkey egg (unfert.)

Navbox Usage

Nav boxes are used for linking related things together, by having a handy box at the bottom of the page.

Here's how to use them properly:

{{nav|style type|optional style}}
style types: none, ai, animal, plant, weapon, order, zone, structure, floor, building, security, furniture
optional: none, wide




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