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Domesticated plants
Cocoa treeCorn plantCotton plantDevilstrand mushroomHaygrassHealrootHop plantPotato plantPsychoid plantRice plantSmokeleaf plantStrawberry plantFibercornContent added by the Ideology DLCGauranlen podContent added by the Ideology DLCNutrifungusContent added by the Ideology DLCTinctoriaContent added by the Ideology DLC
Decorative plants
DandelionsDaylilyRoseBonsai treeContent added by the Ideology DLC
Wild plants
AgariluxAgaveAlocasiaAmbrosia bushAstragalusBerry bushBramblesBryoluxBushChokevineCliviaGiant rafflesiaGlowstoolGrassLow shrubsMossPincushion cactusTall grassWild healrootAnima grassContent added by the Royalty DLCGauranlen mossContent added by the Ideology DLC
Bamboo treeBirch treeBurned treeCecropia treeCypress treeDrago treeMaple treeOak treePalm treePine treePoplar treeSaguaro cactusTeak treeWillow treeAnima treeContent added by the Royalty DLCGauranlen treeContent added by the Ideology DLCTimbershroomContent added by the Ideology DLC

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Nav boxes are used for linking related things together, by having a handy box at the bottom of the page.

Here's how to use them properly:

{{nav|category|optional style}}

The category options are:

ai, animal, body parts, clothing, factions, floor, food, furniture, joy, main, materials, mechanoid, misc, order, plant, power, production, security, ship, stats, status levels, structure, temperature, utility, weapons, zone

The only optional style available is





Links to the templates

Other navigation templates

Note that although looking similar Template:Nav/disease, Template:Nav/drugs and Template:Nav/guides must be used with: