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Cook stove</translate>]] &bull; [[Royal bed (mod)|<translate><!--T:18-->
Cook stove</translate>]] &bull; [[Royal bed (mod)|<translate><!--T:18-->
Royal bed</translate>]] &bull; [[Fertilizer pump|<translate><!--T:19-->
Royal bed</translate>]] &bull; [[Fertilizer pump|<translate><!--T:19-->
Fertilizer pump</translate>]] &bull; [[Royal bed (mod)|<translate>Royal bed</translate>]]  
Fertilizer pump</translate>]] &bull; [[Royal bed (mod)|<translate><!--T:20-->
Royal bed</translate>]]  

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<translate> Furniture</translate>
<translate> Research bench</translate><translate> Plant pot</translate><translate> Hydroponics table</translate><translate> Chair</translate><translate> Orbital trade beacon</translate><translate> Equipment rack</translate><translate> Standing lamp</translate><translate> Table</translate> (<translate> long</translate>) • <translate> Cheap bed</translate><translate> Sleeping spot</translate><translate> Sun lamp</translate><translate> Butcher table</translate><translate> Stonecutter's table</translate><translate> Cook stove</translate><translate> Royal bed</translate><translate> Fertilizer pump</translate><translate> Royal bed</translate>

Navbox Usage

Nav boxes are used for linking related things together, by having a handy box at the bottom of the page.

Here's how to use them properly:

{{nav|style type|optional style}}
style types: none, ai, animal, plant, weapon, order, zone, structure, floor, building, security, furniture
optional: none, wide




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