Clothing Layers

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Skin Middle Outer Headgear
Full Head Nose, Jaw, Eyes ×
Upper Head Head, Ears ×
Arms Shoulders, Arms × × ×
Torso Torso, Neck × × ×
Legs Legs × × ×

Each kind of gear is worn on a specific location of a person's body. That location is determined by two things:

  1. The body part groups it covers.
  2. The layer or layers it occupies. A layer basically says how far away from the body a piece of gear is worn.

Which body parts have which layers is shown in the table on the right; layers and body parts which are not currently used by gear were omitted.

Items at each Location


Full Head Nose, Jaw
Upper Head Head, Ears
Eyes Eyes


Skin Middle Outer
Hands Hands, Fingers
Arms Arms
Shoulders Shoulders
Torso Torso, Neck
Legs Legs
Feet Feet, Toes
A Added by Royalty (DLC)


  • You can't wear pants as well as tribalwear, since both cover the "skin" layer and cover the legs.
  • You can wear pants and a button-down shirt, since while they both use the "skin" layer they don't cover the same parts.
  • You can wear pants and a duster, since while they both cover the legs pants use the "skin" layer while a duster uses the "outer" layer.