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I think the layers table should have more columns to accomodate for worn together conflicts.

Selectivedit (talkcontribs)

Currently it's not that obvious what can be worn together, like a mask can be worn with a hat, but in this table both are "Covers Full Head|Occupies Head".

Reply to "I think the layers table should have more columns to accomodate for worn together conflicts."
Summary by Harakoni

Rewrite and new table format is satisfactory for now. Further improvement, as always, is welcome.

Harakoni (talkcontribs)

There are a range of issues.

For example, marine armor currently occupies the space between middle and outer, but Recon and Cataphract also need to occupy that space. Formal vests and corsets don't occupy the neck, marine helmets occupy cover the eyes and upperhead, "full head" as the category but only listing Nose and Jaw when its meant to imply that it also does head ears and eyes in confusing, tribal wear no longer occupies the middle, many other apparel items are missing etc etc.

Many of these are small issues that can be fixed, but the rewrite tag is there because the format is inherently limited. A better format is needed that is clearer and can deal with the multitude of items that have been added since.

Nukken (talkcontribs)

I agree, editing the current table is a pain as well. I've pulled the tribalwear off the middle layer. I've also added recon and cataphract armor to the marine armor box, but that only works because it's already a tall box. We could do the same for the Duster, robes, and cape, but then the formal best and corset being split out looks awkward. Speaking of them, we can also split torso out to torso and neck rows like I did with shoulders and arms.

Harakoni (talkcontribs)

I saw the edits, there definitely an improvement but they also show that we'll eventually have to scrap this format for exactly the reasons you mention. I tried to implement the rest of the missing headwear and to make some things clearer, but it really shows how much the current format is degenerating with a massive list of items. Please feel free to change anything I did, or give me feedback. Its not a great solution tbh.

The only other comparable format we have currently implemented is this one. It works for that purpose but it has the inverse problem than this one - namely the coverage isn't particularly clear. We could expand the coverage section to "Covers Shoulders" etc. and have ticks and checks. Its not great either tbh.

Name Covers Full Head Covers Upper Head Covers Shoulders Covers Arms Covers Torso Covers Neck Covers Legs Occupies Skin Occupies Middle Occupies Outer Occupies Head
Flak vest Flak vest Ex.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png Check.png Check.png Ex.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png Ex.png
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