Mechanoid Weapons

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Heavy charge blaster

A pulse-charged rapid-fire blaster for area suppressive fire. Heavy cooling allows long, deadly bursts.


Inferno cannon

An incendiary-shot mini-artillery device. It fires a large incendiary warhead.


Inferno cannon (Turret)

"An incendiary-shot mini-artillery device. It fires a large incendiary warhead."



An automatic turret-mounted slug-thrower.

The gun mounted on the Mini-slugger turret. It has low damage output and shot count, but is made up for the number of turrets that will spawn.


Needle gun

A long-range weapon used by mechanoids. Named after its needle-like projectiles, it fires single shots with great accuracy. While it does less damage than charge weapons, it can reach over very long distances.

The needle gun is a mechanoid-only weapon equipped on pikemen which deals a moderate amount of damage per shot; longer time between shots; very long range and high overall accuracy.