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Assault rifle.png

A general-purpose gas-operated assault rifle for field or urban combat. It has good range, decent power, and good accuracy.

The assault rifle is a moderately heavy, automatic ranged weapon which fires 3-shot bursts of rounds which deal a moderate amount of damage each; a slightly shorter delay between each shot; a moderate time between bursts; slightly longer range and moderate overall accuracy.

Bolt-action rifle.png

An ancient pattern bolt-action rifle. With its long range, and low fire rate, it is unlikely to drive animals to revenge, which makes it a favorite weapon for hunting.

The bolt-action rifle is a moderately heavy, single-shot firearm in RimWorld which deals a slightly higher amount of damage per shot; moderate time between shots; long range and very high overall accuracy.


A charged-shot assault rifle. Pulse-charge technology charges each shot with unstable energy as it leaves the barrel. Released on impact, the charged energy greatly increases the damage done.

The charge rifle is a spacer-tech weapon that fires 3-round bursts. It has good armor penetration, moderate range, and slightly lower accuracy


An ancient design of precision sniper rifle. Bolt action. It has an exceptionally long range, great accuracy and good power. Because it's so unwieldy, other weapons outclass it at close range.

The sniper rifle is a slightly heavier, single-shot firearm in RimWorld which deals a high amount of damage per shot; a long time between shots; very long range and high overall accuracy.