Psylink neuroformer

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Psylink neuroformer


An archotech device that links the brain to a larger psychic field. With training in specific abilities, the user can throw psycasts with diverse effects. This implant can be upgraded through several levels. Higher levels permit the use of more powerful psycasts. The psychic amplifier can be self-installed by one person with no chance of failure. The user presses the unit into their skull, where it inserts its neural tendrils and binds itself to the bone. Removing it requires a surgeon.Imperial laws restrict the use of the psychic amplifier to specific royal titles. Illegal use of the amplifier runs the risk of having your psychic signature detected and causing diplomatic consequences.

Medical ItemBody Part

Base Stats

Market Value
Max Hit Points

Stat Modifiers

The Psylink neuroformer gives a pawn that's been implanted with it a Psycast level.


By gaining Honor with the empire faction, one may call a Bestower to the colony to provide a Psylink to a pawn after it ranks up in titles. Alternatively, you may steal Psylinks from the Bestower, making your colony an enemy of the Empire.

Version history

Added in the Royalty DLC.

Psychic amplifier sprite

In Version/1.1.2647 it was renamed from Psychic amplifier, and is no longer the sole method of obtaining psycasts.