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Mechanoids - Autonomous intelligent robots built for domestic, industrial or military purposes. Only available to advanced cultures because such complex AI is needed to control them.

A Mechanoid Hive is a permanently hostile faction composed entirely of mechanoids, deadly autonomously intelligent robots.


All mechanoids from a mech hive are permanently hostile to the colony. They do not eat and are immune to toxic fallout and temperature extremes, despite having a Comfortable Temperature range. As machines, they are vulnerable to EMP attacks, though will "Adapt" for 2,200 ticks (36.67 secs) (regardless of source), making them immune to all further EMP strikes. Hostile mechanoids do not fear for their life, unable to feel pain and will not seek to take cover.

Mechanoids can be found sealed in ancient ruins in all biomes, which spawn inside mountains or outside on the landscape. They may also raid the player's base through events and can also be found in most poison ships, psychic ships, and mech clustersContent added by the Royalty DLC. They may sometimes appear dormant in Ancient Complex and guarding any relic with Ideology DLCContent added by the Ideology DLC.

Hostile mechanoids are not bound by power limits. While mechanitors can create their own allied mechanoids in the Biotech DLC Content added by the Biotech DLC, they are unable to tame or convert hostile ones. Friendly mechs may become feral and join a mech hive if left Uncontrolled (such as having too little bandwidth) for too long, and can't be re-converted.

Mechanoid Types[edit]

Mechanoid forces are specialized by their unit types, with each unit performing a single role. Basics summaries are available here, see the individual pages for further details and analysis.



The melee boogeymen of Mechanoids. Fast and extremely dangerous up close, large numbers can and will overwhelm single enemies. Melee blocking, use of chokepoints, and focus fire while they close in are useful tactics. Mechanoid raids consisting entirely of large numbers of scythers are fairly common.


Armed with charge lances, they have medium range and modest overall DPS. However, their high shot damage presents a modest, but serious risk of one-shot-killing pawns by destroying body parts. Therefore, exposure should be limited and lancers prioritized as threats. Like many non-scythers, melee combat is very effective if a pawn can get close enough.


Acting as the sniper, their needle gun doesn't do too much damage. Their main role is to allow mechanoids to engage at range - use bends in chokepoints to force them into range, or simply advance and kill them.


Centipedes are tanks and crowd controllers. They are incredibly durable, but rather slow. They can wield heavy charge blasters or miniguns for raw, inaccurate damage, or inferno cannons to light fires and force ignited pawns out of cover. Mortar Fire and melee combat are decent options for actually damaging the centipede due to it's slow movement speed and large size, and avoid bunching against any of their weapons. Alternatively, a psychic insanity lance against a centipede turns a danger into a significant asset, though note that other mechanoids are immune to inferno cannons.


While not particularly dangerous on their own, their thump cannon can destroy most walls in a single shot, leaving your colonists open to damage from other mechanoids. Depending on the exact strategy employed against the raid as a whole, these might be the highest priority, or of negligible concern.

Biotech Mechanoids[edit]


A small combat mechanoid armed with a low power, 12 range mini-shotgun. One of the weakest mechanoids, they serve as earlygame threats and support other mechanoids. They can be scary through sheer numbers - large mechanoid raids comprised only of militors occasionally spawn.


A mechanoid that specializes in incendiary attacks. Its flame burst attack has little reach, but once it closes on a group of defenders it can ignite and disrupt them with blasts of searing flame.


A combat support mechanoid with a wide range bullet shield and long-range needle gun. Designed to support other mechanoids from long range, the legionary is vulnerable to anyone who can get inside its shield.


A medium-range combat mechanoid. The tesseron's sweeping beam attack pierces shields, ignites pawns, and deals great damage, but can't be fired up close.


An incredibly durable ultra-heavy mech, with a large shield capable of defending allies. It also has point-defense turret, which can fire while moving.


A large, somewhat durable melee mechanoid with a natural shield and smokepop. While mostly made for mining, some apocriton summon groups will arrive with tunnelers. Does not seem to appear in regular mech raids.

Mechanoid commanders[edit]


An ultra-heavy mechanoid with an ultra-powerful hellsphere cannon. It takes time to charge up, but devastates everything including buildings and walls in a large radius. Also has a flame burst for use against nearby foes, and a general purpose turret.

War queen[edit]

An ultra-heavy mech with a built-in mech gestator. Fed with appropriate resources, the war queen can form small war urchin combat mechs within its massive carapace and deploy them into combat.


A mechanoid commander designed to coordinate and motivate other mechs during long extermination campaigns. Its most obvious power is its ability to resurrect recently-killed mechs by supercharging their self-repair processes. Less obviously, it is intelligent and psychically present, radiating hatred into the minds of anyone in a wide radius. While all mechanoids have a dim psychically-present intelligence, only the apocriton and a few others truly feel hatred for their victims and understand the suffering they inflict.


Pawn Type Image Combat Power Armor (S/B/H) Gear Health (%) Avg. Gear Quality Weapon Budget Available Weapons Age Range Move Speed Additional Info
Scyther Scyther east.png 150 40% / 20% / 200% 100 - - Melee (Blades) Any 4.7 c/s -
Lancer MechanoidLancer.png 180 40% / 20% / 200% 100 Normal 9999 Charge lance Any 4.7 c/s -
Centipede Centipede east.png 400 72% / 22% / 200% 100 Normal 9999 Heavy charge blaster / Inferno cannon Any 1.9 c/s -
Pikeman MechanoidPikeman.png 110 40% / 20% / 200% 100 Normal 9999 Needle gun Any 2.5 c/s -
Termite Termite.png 110 56% / 22% / 200% 100 Normal 9999 Thump cannon Any 2.1 c/s -
Militor Militor east.png 45 20% / 10% / 200% 100 Normal 9999 mini-shotgun Any 3.8 c/s -
Legionary Legionary east.png 150 40% / 20% / 200% 100 Normal 9999 needle gun Any 4.3 c/s -
Tesseron Tesseron east.png 150 40% / 20% / 200% 100 Normal 9999 beam graser Any 4.7 c/s -
Scorcher Scorcher east.png 75 40% / 20% / 200% 100 Normal 9999 mini-flameblaster Any 4.5 c/s -
Tunneler Tunneler Mechanoid east.png 250 80% / 40% / 200% 100 Normal 9999 Melee (Power claws) Any 1.9 c/s -
Centurion Centurion east.png 250 75% / 25% / 200% 100 Normal 9999 charge blaster turret Any 1.6 c/s -
Diabolus Diabolus east.png 500 75% / 25% / 200% 100 Normal 9999 hellsphere cannon Any 2.4 c/s -
War queen Warqueen east.png 600 75% / 25% / 200% 100 Normal 9999 charge blaster turret Any 1.6 c/s -
Apocriton ApocritonAncient east.png 600 75% / 40% / 200% 100 Normal 9999 toxic needle gun Any 3.2 c/s -
War urchin War urchin east.png 10 20% / 10% / 200% 100 Normal 9999 spiner Any 4.2 c/s -


  • Although all mechanoid-only weapons are 'Spacer' in terms of tech level; the hidden mechanoid faction itself is actually 'Ultra' tech level - one above 'Spacer', and the second highest tech level in the game, below 'Transcendent'.

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