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A heavy mechanoid built for mining in treacherous locations. While intended for excavation, the tunneler's gigantic power claws and ultra-thick armor makes it a dangerous force in combat.

Base Stats

Market Value
1200 Silver


Armor - Sharp
Armor - Blunt
Armor - Heat

Pawn Stats

Move Speed
1.9 c/s
Health Scale
Body Size
210 kg
Pack Capacity
122.5 kg
Carrying Capacity
263 kg
Filth Rate
Comfortable Temp Range
-100 °C – 250 °C (-148 °F – 482 °F)

Melee Combat

Attack 1
left power claw
22 dmg (Blunt)
33% AP
2.9 second cooldown
Attack 2
right power claw
22 dmg (Blunt)
33% AP
2.9 second cooldown
Average DPS


Crafted At
Mech gestator
Required Research
Standard mechtech
Resources to make
Steel 150 + Plasteel 75 + Component 4 + Standard subcore 1

A tunneler is a mechanoid added by the Biotech DLC.


As mechanoids, every tunneler is immune to fire, Flame and Heat damage, toxic buildup, and temperature extremes, despite having Comfortable Temperatures defined. They do not need to eat, rest, and have no mood. They will be stunned by EMP attacks for a time proportional to the EMP damage inflicted and will "adapt" and rendered immune to further EMP strikes for 2,200 ticks (36.67 secs).


Tunnelers are a heavy mechanoid, and require High Mechtech to create. Mechs in general count as a partial pawn in terms of raid points, and still contribute towards wealth.

They are created from a large mech gestator with Steel 150 Steel, Plasteel 75 Plasteel, Component 4 Component, Standard subcore 1 Standard subcore, taking up 3 bandwidth from a mechanitor. They must gestate for 4 cycles to be made. Once made, they recharge in a large mech recharger (50% power/day), creating 15 wastepacks whenever the recharger's waste is filled up.

Tunnelers will do tasks associated with the Mining tab, though are unable to use deep drills. They cannot be manually controlled, except when drafted for combat. They have an effective Mining skill of 10, but with a Global Work Speed of 150%.


In combat, tunnelers have a shield (equivalent to a shield belt) of 250 power. They can also emit smoke, though with a cooldown of 15 days. They have a melee attack. Its weakness is that each time it takes damage, it slows for a few seconds - this means that when tunnelers attack you, even if you can’t kill them quickly, you can intelligently kite them by falling back from your position to escape the blocking smoke, maintain distance and slowly whittle the tunnelers down.


Tunnelers are useful for mass mining operations, whether it is expanding out your mountain base or mining mineral lumps found using a long-range mineral scanner. Mechanoids are not subject to illness or mental breaks, and only recharge for 2 days out of every 12.

Work Speed

The following table summarizes the work speed effects of operating within the influence of a mech booster and having control sublinks installed by the Mechanitor. All values are for 50%+ lighting conditions.

Control Sublinks Work Speed Mech Boosted
0 150% 225%
1 156% 231%
2 162% 237%
3 168% 243%
4 174% 249%
5 180% 255%
6 186% 261%

A colonist's work speed is based on their Mining Speed stat. At about skill 13, a normal colonist with no traits or health conditions will mine as fast as a tunneler operating without a Mech Booster or Sublink bonus. A similar colonist at skill 18 mines roughly 97% as fast a mech-boosted Tunneler with no Sublink bonuses. Installing a Drill arm allows a Skill 5 pawn to mine faster than an unboosted Tunneler.[Mining Specialist?]

Mining Yield

Tunnelers appear to have no special modifiers to Mining Yield, meaning that they function identically to a Skill 10 Colonist for this purpose. Higher skilled colonists will extract but the increase isn't very large until very high skill levels. A healthy, level 20 human miner has the maximum possible mining yield of 113% compared to the 102% of the tunneler. For maximum resources, leave ores for higher skill colonists, if present, to mine. However, it may be more useful to get a place dug out now then to get a little more ore.

Conversely, a lower mining yield will slightly lower the amount of stone chunks that have to be hauled out of a mountain base. The difference is too small to notice either way.


Specify body type when known.

Body part Health
Head 38
Skull 38
Brain 15
Nose 15
Neck 38
Jaw 30
Eye [1]
(left, right)
(left, right)
Body 60
(left, right)
(left, right)
Liver[2] 30
Heart[2] 23
Spine[2] 38
Stomach[2] 30
(left, right, fore, hind)
(left, right, fore, hind)
  1. Located inside of Head.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 Located inside of Body.

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