Train Animal Chance

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Train Animal Chance is a stat: The base chance this person will make progress training an animal on a given attempt. The actual chance for a given attempt will also depend on the animal's wildness, whether it is bonded with the trainer, and so on.


  • Animals: 10% plus 5% per skill level.
  • Talking: 70% importance, 20% allowed defect. Max 100%
  • Hearing: 30% importance, 5% allowed defect. Max 100%
  • Manipulation: 50% importance, 20% allowed defect. Max 100%
  • Animal's Wildness: If the Wildness is 50%, the above holds true. If lower than 50%, the chance of taming is higher - double for an animal with 0% Wildness. If higher, the chance is lower - impossible for an animal with 100% Wildness.