Sandstone blocks

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Sandstone blocks

Sandstone blocks

Blocks of solid sandstone. Sandstone is a relatively soft rock and chips easily.

Base Stats

Stuff Category
Market Value
0.9 Silver
Stack Limit
1 kg
Path Cost


Terrain Affordance

Stat Modifiers

Beauty Factor
Beauty Offset
Work To Make Factor
Work To Build Factor
Work To Build Offset
+140 ticks (2.33 secs)
Max Hit Points
Melee Blunt Damage
Melee Sharp Damage
Melee Cooldown
Door Opening Speed
Rest Effectiveness


Crafted At
Stonecutter's table
Work To Make
1,600 ticks (26.67 secs)
Resources to make
Rock chunk 1
Product Amount
Sandstone blocks 20
Stuff Adjective

Sandstone is the quickest stone type to work with, making it well suited for stone constructions that need to be built quickly. It also has the highest market value per unit of work so is the best stone type for crafting items for sale in bulk.


Sandstone blocks are cut from sandstone chunks at a Stonecutter's table. It takes 1,600 ticks (26.67 secs) of work to cut a single chunk into 20 blocks.


First wall to require two explosions to destroy - as the stronger stone types still only require the same two explosions, there is little practical difference between them for breachers, explosion defences, mortar pits etc. while also being faster to build. Sandstone is therefore considered by some to be the minimum requirement for mid and end game defensive structures. Note that stronger materials will still resist sappers more effectively.

Production strategy

This section is transcluded from Stonecutting maximization.

Stonecutting speed is controlled by the cutting pawn's General Labor Speed stat which is determined by a pawn's stats and capacities rather than any skill. Thus, maximization is based on improving that stat and removing process inefficiencies rather than grinding for experience.

General Labor Speed

General labor speed is affected by manipulation, sight and global work speed.

  • Sight decreases general labor speed if below 100%, but offers no benefit if raised
  • Manipulation can be improved with bionic or archotech arms, or with drugs that improve Manipulation or Consciousness such as Go-juice or Wake-up.
  • Global work speed can be improved by certain traits, such as Industrious or Neurotic, a Leader's Work DriveContent added by the Ideology DLC, and the drug Wake-up, which stacks with the drug's manipulation improvement.
  • General Labor Speed is also increased by +50% Production specialistsContent added by the Ideology DLC, and those affected by their Production Command.
    • The ability stacks with the role, but a specialist cannot self-buff.

Like other workbenches, using a stonecutter while outdoors, having no light, or under extreme temperature will negatively affect production speed. Care should be taken to avoid these conditions. Pawns with damaged vision / manipulation, or with traits such as Lazy should avoid stonecutting unless they are otherwise unoccupied.

Being a production specialist will lock out a pawn out of many other work types, while the quality increase is useless for stonecutting. A 'dedicated stonecutter' may want to become a production specialist to build up a stockpile of bricks, or promoted if they would otherwise benefit from the role. Note that there is a −15 <Role> lost if you decide to switch or remove the specialist role later.

Process efficiency

Using shelves placed directly adjacent to the crafting position will remove travel time to pick up new chunks for cutting, as described on that page, so long as:

  1. Sufficient haulers are present to bring chunks to them.
  2. The bill is set to drop the blocks on the ground.

If there are insufficient haulers, removing the shelves and instead positioning the cutting table next to the chunk stockpile is ideal.

Placing an armchair or other chair will not improve production rates, but will ensure that the pawn remains comfortable and happy while cutting. It's worth mentioning, with the Ideology DLC installed, slavesContent added by the Ideology DLC are ideal as stone cutters as the task doesn't raise any of the pawns skills. The -15% work speed from slaves is offset by a lack of need for recreation. Adding a circadian half-cyclerContent added by the Royalty DLC further increases efficiency by removing the need for sleep at the cost of -15% consciousness.

Version history

0.7.581 - Added, previously there was only generic "stone".