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An ultraheavy mech with a built-in shield bubble generator. The centurion carries a point-defense bulb turret capable of firing while the mechanoid is moving.

Base Stats

Market Value
1600 Silver


Armor - Sharp
Armor - Blunt
Armor - Heat

Pawn Stats

Move Speed
1.6 c/s
Health Scale
Body Size
216 kg
Pack Capacity
126 kg
Carrying Capacity
270 kg
Filth Rate
Comfortable Temp Range
-100 °C – 250 °C (-148 °F – 482 °F)

Melee Combat

12 dmg (Demolish)
18% AP
2 second cooldown
Average DPS


Crafted At
Mech gestator
Required Research
Ultra mechtech
Resources to make
Steel 300 + Plasteel 200 + Advanced component 2 + Powerfocus chip 1 + High subcore 1

A centurion is a mechanoid added by the Biotech DLC.


As mechanoids, every centurion is immune to fire, Flame and Heat damage, and temperature extremes, despite having Comfortable Temperatures defined. They have 100% Toxic Resistance and Toxic Environment Resistance, making them immune to toxic buildup, rot stink and other toxic effects. They do not need to eat, rest, and have no mood. They will be stunned by EMP attacks for a time proportional to the EMP damage inflicted and will "adapt" and rendered immune to further EMP strikes for 2,200 ticks (36.67 secs).

Centurions are nearly unstoppable ultra-heavy mech with a built-in shield bubble generator and point-defense bulb turret capable of firing even while the mechanoid is moving. The centurion acts as a mobile defense platform. Its massive shield is one of the strongest among mechanoids, providing large numbers of allies with strong defense while allowing them to shoot outwards.


The centurion projects a shield that is 12 tiles in diameter.[Detail] The shield will only intercept gound-level enemy projectiles(according to faction alignment). Also note that this only applies to ground-level fire, i.e. fire from ranged weapons carried by all types of pawn and turrets, including grenades that cross the boundary of the shield. Explosives will detonate on the shield edge. Fire from mortars, orbital bombardment, or aerodrone strikes or salvos Content added by the Royalty DLC will not be blocked by the shield, nor will explosions crossing the boundary.

The shield can absorb up to 300 damage before breaking. If an attack would be sufficient to completely deplete the shield's charge, then the rest of its damage is negated, and the shield is temporarily broken. After the shield takes damage and a delay of 120 ticks (2 secs) has passed,[Verify] the shield regenerates charge at rate of 0.5 HP per second, so long as it has not been broken. However, once the shield's charge is completely expended, the shield will break and be totally disabled for 1,800 ticks (30 secs) after which point the shield will be restored at full health.

A pawn does not need to be inside the shield to benefit from the effect, assuming the enemy is not inside the shield and that the shield is between them and their attacker the incoming rounds will be stopped. However, it does not prevent pawns from moving inside the shield and attacking. Projectiles from EMP grenades and launchers from outside hitting the shield or EMP damage from any source done to the centurion itself, will disable the shield for 1,500 ticks (25 secs), during which time the shield <WILL/WILL NOT>?[Detail needed] continue to regenerate.

Furthermore, unlike the mechanoid itself, the shield projector will not adapt to the EMP effect. Its therefore possible to continuously disable the shield until the projector burns out. Note that an EMP area of effect overlapping with the projected shield will not disable it - a projectile must hit the shield or the EMP damage must be dealt to the structure itself


Centurions are armed with a charge blaster turret that they can fire while moving, as well as both the melee attack added by the turret and a natural melee attack.

The centurion's head attack deals Demolish damage which does significantly more damage to buildings than to pawns on average. The head attacks have a 10x damage multiplier against passable buildings and a 7.5x multiplier against impassable buildings such as walls. Thus, the head attack deals the following:

  • Passable buildings: 120 damage
  • Impassable buildings: 90 damage
  • All other targets: 12 damage

Note that only the head's attack has the multiplier. As this multiplier is not taken into account when choosing which attack to perform,other attacks, such as those added by the charge blaster turret, without the multiplier can still be chosen when attacking buildings and the resulting DPS versus buildings is not simply 7.5x or 10x that when used against pawns.


The Centurion is a superheavy unit, sharing similarities such as armor and base health with the deadly Warqueen and Diabolus.


Specify body type when known.

Body part Health
Head 75
Skull 75
Brain 30
Nose 30
Neck 75
Jaw 60
Eye [1]
(left, right)
(left, right)
Body 120
(left, right)
(left, right)
Liver[2] 60
Heart[2] 45
Spine[2] 75
Stomach[2] 60
(left, right, fore, hind)
(left, right, fore, hind)
  1. Located inside of Head.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 Located inside of Body.

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