Raspberry bush

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Raspberry bush

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A bushy plant which yields delicious red berries.


Base Stats

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Stat Modifiers

Raspberry bushes are a plant that naturally occurs in arid shrublands, boreal forests, temperate forests, tropical rainforests, and tundras. As with any other bush-type plant; raspberry bush's growth progress goes back to 30% when harvested, and raspberry bushes can't be grown by the player. A mature raspberry bush yields 10 berries.


Raspberry bushes are functionally almost identical to agave, with the minor differences being that berries don't produce a negative thought when eaten raw, and agave plants can grow in 30% fertile ground and above. The latter currently makes no real gameplay difference though, as the soil below gravel in terms of fertility is sand with a 6% rating.

Food Production

Just like agave; raspberry bushes in rich soil are theoretically the best means of food production in the game, usurping even the almighty rice plant in hydroponics when it comes to yield per day. However, you can't control where raspberry bushes go; you can with rice. The following table shows how many plants it takes to sustain one colonist, but only factors in the nutritional value of the yield; and the yield per day:

Ground Type Gravel Soil Rich Soil Hydroponics
Raw 15 13 11 -
Lavish[1] 9 8 7 -
Paste 6 5 4 -
Fine[2] 5 4 4 -
  1. Also applies to 100% vegetarian simple meals and packaged survival meals
  2. Also applies to pemmican


The raspberry bush's raw product is berries, which has a market value of 2 silver. The refined product with the largest profit margin is a fine meal, having a 20% profit margin. The following table details silver per day, per plant. It only factors in the 50% selling markdown; the market value of the products; and the yield per day:

Ground Type Gravel Soil Rich Soil Hydroponics
Raw 2.23 2.62 3.14 -
Refined[1] 5.34 6.29 7.54 -
  1. Assuming a vegetarian ingredient bottleneck. Your mileage may vary.

Version history

It is currently replaced by the Berry bush, which takes longer to grow and has a similar appearance, albeit with blue-purple berries instead of red.