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**[[Thoughts/Situation Social]]
**[[Thoughts/Situation Social]]
**[[Thoughts/Situation Needs]]
**[[Thoughts/Situation Needs]]
**[[Thoughts/Memory Social]]
**[[Thoughts/Memory Death]]
**[[Thoughts/Memory Death]]

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Hello! This is Harakoni's user page.

You can see my contributions here.

You can compare almost every weapon in the game here.

I created the following templates:

I also created the following templates, however they are not intended for wiki-wide use

I also contributed code to

I also created the following that are not yet templates but are similar mechanically to the above.

If you have any issue with any of the above, including any instructional or formatting problems, please feel free to ask on my discussions page.

Hey Harakoni, if you're looking for your mess its here: User:Harakoni/Sandbox



  • Fix frag grenade and add to table./
  • Recreation needs cleanup and proper comparisons and information.
  • Half the furniture pages are stubs. The pages don't even list the requriemtns for complex furniture, let along a decent analysis of each thing.
  • Furniture has a manually created table which is likely out of date.
  • Ship landing beacon, Meditation spot
  • Add royalty content buildings to the nav boxes.
  • tribal improved foraging vs outlabder improved research and bt he effects on recutiming people of your tech level arent anywhere i van find on the eiki
  • Merge Armor and Clothing into Apparel page
    • Heat Armor
    • Finish convert of Armor comparison table into row template ala ranged table on Weapons, including steel and plasteel versions of material dependent metal items, include cloth, devilstrand, hyperweave and thrumbofur of cloth items? Maybe bloat. Put cloth items on clothing table only?
    • Stuffable tag on items? Need some way to automate knowing which materials to apply and can't trust the, system - war veil is armor but takes textiles. A stuffable tag saying "Metallic" "Leathery" "Fabric" "Woody" would allow you to check if the var contains the tag, and display the relevant information. Template: Armor material table and Template: Clothing material table could be merged and the right variants could be displayed on the Comparison table (e.g. devilstrand, thrumbofur, hyperweave, plainleather for clothing, plasteel and steel for metallic armor)
      • This same method could be used for automatic weapon materials tables. Maybe merged quality/material table.
    • Create Clothing comparison table
  • Weapon Material Table
  • Make weapon quality table show details for the steel/plasteel on stuffable sharp, and steel/uranium on stuffable blunt
  • Armor material table value calculator is not quite right. Theres a round issue and also - See Market Value - its not a straight multiplier but to work it out you'd need to get resource values to put in whcih you can't because the FLAK helmet exists. The current hack is asume the base market value is steel, and assuming the item is ALL steel. But you can't do that.
  • Create Weapon Quality Table template - requires optional arugments to deal with wood, stone and metal weapons and weapons that can be several material types.
    • Apply template to other pages.
  • Turn leather ask into a template to allow easy updating
  • Make persona trait formatting consistent
  • Create Melee weapon comparison table, include implant weapons.
  • Finish converting Category: Body Part from terrible Template: Body Part to infobox for greater utility. (e.g. Armor comparison of the -skin Glands and weapon comparions for the implant weapons)
  • Fix Wood not counting as a weapon
  • Update:
  • Modding_Tutorials/Assets
  • EMP effects on turrets and building
  • Traits needs an overhaul. A lot of outdated info, a lot of subsidairy info. Investigate "Character Quality" - beautiful adds 40% quality, staggeringly ugly reduces by 40%, wimp reduces by 15% etc
  • Replace all instances of Template:Define with Template:Infobox main
  • Investigate Ice sheet guide - update, compare with previous edit-warred version, get rid of horrendous coloring,
  • Investigate carrying chess set on caravan provides recreation
  • Investigate sarcophagus giving a mood boost
  • Investigate Pyromaniac mood boost - just incendiary launcher or molotovs as well? Wb inferno cannons or plasmaswords? Add to pages.
  • Investigate if pawns with 0% Hearing can be insulted. Could it be a way to negate the downside of bloodlust on non-social pawns?
  • Investigate do pawns with 0 sight "see" corpses?
  • Investigate EMI Dynamo destruction causing unconsciousness brain implanted pawns
  • Investigate animl animal haulers not triggering proximity activators for mortar shell plant
  • Investigate Global Work Speed affected by mood
  • Investigate effect of emp and mortars (on top of and next to) on broadshield packs
  • Investigate EMP grenades blowing up mortars
  • Investigate if beautiful colonists get better trade prices, and ugly colonists get bad trade prices.
  • Zeushammer vs shiedl?
  • Disassembling now called shredding and only produces steel?
  • Investigate Injury implies that beds add heal rate, This needs better investigation and integration with pages such as Hospital bed. It also implies a use for Animal beds - namely that it helps animals heal faster.
  • Investigate AP mechanics for Armor - it appears that damageDef.armorCategory.armorRatingStat is set only once, at the start, and thus even if the first layer mitigates the damage and changes the damage type from sharp to blunt, it continues to use the Sharp armor ratings of lower layers. i.e. if the damage is sharp, and a duster mitigates the damage, halving it and changing it to blunt, the flak vest still uses the 100% sharp armor rating when performing its penetration checks. This is important as it makes layers significantly better. Thick armor mod author mentions this on the mod page


  • RimWorld Wiki talk:To-do The auto lists are broken. Fix how?
  • RimWorld Wiki:To-do Versions need to be integrated and the lists deleted as you go.
  • Bring everything under the same Into; Acqusition; Analysis; Tables; Trivia; Version History; format
  • Template talk:Infobox main STDT tables don't play nice with infoboxes. Wikitables do. Why? How fix? Fix. Jimyoda is working on it.
  • Add "crafted at" tag to info boxes, so you can see at a glance whats crafted where.
  • Investigate the efficacy of using ranged weapons as blunt melee weapons
    • Melee dps and AP of ranged weapons IS affected by Quality
  • The big tables - literally every quality and mat combo all in one sortable tables. Want to know if a poor uranium gladius has a better dps than good gold ikwa? You can. Wb a legendary greatbow vs a poor assualt rifle? On the ranged table. Not for the main wiki pages ofc.


  • Template: Infobox main cleanup. Weapons especially.
    • There is a way to search in the text of infobox variables, which would allow things like an automated ask to put on materials pages like [{Advanced Component]]. This would let you list every item on the wiki with that component in it. Unfortunatley the current formatting using the icon template makes the information unsearchable. Perhaps applying the icon template in the OUTPUT of the infobox, and making the input as simple as "10 components + 15 gold" and using string functions on that would be better and allow searchability but it would require updating EVERY INFOBOX ON THE WIKI to do.
      • it seems buildings may have soemthing like this implemented already? with material amount and material name beign a thing (example at Throne. God infobox main is a mess.

Feed back Needed!(If you're reading this, please weigh in)

    • How should we handle extra effects of weapons - EMP damage on Zeushammer, Fire on Plasmasword, Toxic Buildup on Venom Fangs/Talons and how should we display them on tables without messing with automated math. Should we just add new "special damage", "special damage type" and "special damage DPS" categories to infobox? Or is that bloating and already full infobox? Should it just be in the article? Then automated comparison tables won't display it.
    • Should tables for ranged weapons blank Accuracy and DPS on ranges the weapons can't reach? Just DPS? The range stat IS displayed in game, despite the weapon never using it. We could split the difference and have Accuracy displayed but DPS not. This would allow easy comparisons with things like Weapons#Ranged Weapons without having to check the range for each weapon. Instead you can just sort by the DPS value.
    • Should the infobox have a "crafted at" tag, so you can see at a glance whats crafted where. The infobox would say something like Crafted at : Hand-tailoring bench TableTailor.png
    • How should the blunt weapon damage that ranged weapons can do be handled by the infobox? Should it be ignored? Added? Kept in the article but not the infobox? Infobox allows automated comparisons, but its unclear how useful that would be.