Glitterworld medicine

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Glitterworld medicine

Glitterworld medicine

A kit of advanced ultra-tech medical supplies, probably manufactured on a distant glitterworld. It contains advanced polymorphic drugs, nanite diagnostic and healing assisters, a mini-imager, and various multi-use tools.

Base Stats

Medical ItemsMedicine
Tech Level
Market Value
50 Silver
Stack Limit
0.5 kg
Deterioration Rate
Path Cost


Medical Potency
Max medical tend quality

Glitterworld medicine is the most powerful medicine available in RimWorld, which can only be produced on Glitterworlds. Like other medicines, glitterworld medicine is used in doctoring practices. It is also used to provide materials for the Bioregeneration cycle of the biosculpter podContent added by the Ideology DLC.


Glitterworld medicine cannot be crafted, however, it may be purchased from exotic goods traders or faction bases for around 55 - 70 silver. It can also be give as a quest reward, found on some raiders, given as a gift by a visiting caravan, or found in ancient shrines.

A noble Content added by the Royalty DLC of Baron/Baroness or higher can use the "Glitterworld medicine drop" permit to call for a drop of 5 glitterworld medicine. This permit can be used once every 45 days and costs 8 honor if used within the cooldown time.

Finally, the Rich Explorer starting scenario begins with 30 glitterworld medicine.


Any form of medicine can be used whenever a doctor tends to an injury or disease. In most cases, medicine does not directly cause healing. Instead, using medicine and better types of medicine will increase tend quality, increasing the rate of healing for injuries, or slowing down progression of a disease. For gut worms and muscle parasites, tend quality is directly used to cure the disease.

With a Medical Potency of 160%, glitterworld medicine has a +60% bonus to tend quality and surgery success chance when compared to industrial medicine. It's over twice as powerful as herbal medicine for these purposes. Note that there is a cap to both tend quality and surgery success chance (e.g. you may reach the maximum surgery success chance with industrial medicine).

Specific uses[edit]

In addition to its use as a stronger form of medicine, glitterworld medicine is specifically called for in several circumstances:


The amount of XP gained from tending depends on the type of medicine used, and what it is used on (human or animal). The equation for this is:

XP = Patient XP Factor × Medicine XP Factor × Doctor's Learning Rate


  • Patient XP Factor is a multiplier from the patient type. ×175 for animal patients, and ×500 for human patients.
  • Medicine XP Factor is the medicine's potency multiplied by 0.7, and clamped in the range of 0.5 and 1.
  • Doctor's Learning Rate is the doctor's own multiplier on XP gained for the medicine skill. See "Improving Skills" for more details.
Medicine Potency XP Factor Tend XP from patient
Human Animal
Doctor care but no medicine.png None 0.30 0.5 250 87.5
Herbal medicine Herbal medicine 0.60 0.5 250 87.5
Medicine Medicine 1.00 0.7 350 122.5
Glitterworld medicine Glitterworld medicine 1.60 1 500 175


Glitterworld medicine is the strongest medicine in the game, the rarest, and the most expensive. If you are using it to tend to bruises and cuts, it's most likely wasted. All colonists have glitterworld set by default, and doctors always use the best medicine available for all injuries, resulting in waste. This can be changed in a couple of ways. In the assign tab, you can set colonists and other pawns to herbal medicine or industrial medicine at maximum. Alternatively, you can forbid the medicine item, which will prevent doctors from using it. (Just remember to unforbid it.)

Outside of the biosculpter podContent added by the Ideology DLC, glitterworld medicine is best used for 1. surgery and 2. diseases, especially for immunocompromised pawns. Early in the game, a dose used on a pawn can mean the difference between living and dying from the plague. And in an emergency, this medicine can be used to tend to many bleeding wounds quickly. Note that with a good doctor, clean room, and hospital bed, it is possible to reach the 98% surgery success cap and 100% tend quality with industrial medicine. This makes glitterworld medicine largely unnecessary by the late game.

  • Assuming a pawn has 100% Immunity Gain Speed and is tended reasonably quickly, having 100% tend quality is enough for all diseases except grave infant illnessContent added by the Biotech DLC.
  • Surgery success is capped at a 98% chance, no matter what medicine you use. Therefore, if you can reach 98% surgery success with regular medicine, you don't need to use glitterworld medicine.

Once you get to this point, glitterworld medicine can compensate for poor doctors, injured/sick doctors, or unclean hospitals. For example, it can help during caravan travel. Also, certain surgeries like carcinoma removal have a higher chance to fail. It is also required for bioregenerationContent added by the Ideology DLC or instantly curing paralytic abasia.Content added by the Royalty DLC


Unlike other medicines, glitterworld medicine will play a beeping sound effect when it is used for tending, so you can know when your colonists are using it.

Version history[edit]

  • 0.8.657 - Added.
  • Beta 19 - a new description added, and market price was cut in half to 50 silver. Also received a slight retexture and medical potency was nerfed. Renamed from Glitterworld medicine to Ultratech medicine.
  • 1.0 - Name change to Ultratech medicine reverted back to Glitterworld medicine.