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Updated addiction info107:29, 13 April 2017

Updated addiction info

The information table for Go-Juice on this page (Drugs) was outdated relative to the information defined on the Go-Juice page. To avoid this from happening, I have added the information from the Drugs page, Go-Juice section, to the Go-Juice page and replaced the section in Drugs with an include. I propose we do this for all drugs.

Beagle (talk)02:21, 20 September 2016

Sounds good. I had hoped to use the List template for this, but there's a problem with the tables that I have not been able to fix. If the table simply wasn't adding extra breaks it would look awesome.
You can see it here: User:Jimyoda/Sandbox1
Anyway, yeah, transcluding each drug onto the Drugs page is definitely a good idea.

Jimyoda (talk)07:25, 20 September 2016