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Assistant Admin on a couple other Wiki pages (Dwarf Fortress, DDO). My main ability is in writing and style, making a page more "user-friendly", rather than higher-level coding.

RW Wikicode notes (every wiki's templates can be slightly diff):

  • floating image (syntax order critical here):
[[File:EXAMPLE.png|400px|thumb|left|& text goes here]] (see example Beer)
  • For X see [Y#a|Z]
{{For|summary of reference material|Compound#Redirect{{!}}Visible redirect}}
(Note that the "summary" section starts lower case (the word "For" starts the sentence))
  • Verify: {{Check Tag|Visible Question?|expanded Mouse-hover text?}}
  • {{TOCright}} & __NOTOC__ (double underline each side!)
  • {{key|Enter}} = ↵ Enter