Drug lab

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Drug lab

Drug lab.png

A work bench equipped with various containers, heaters, and measurement equipment for producing a variety of drugs.

1 ˣ 3
Steel 75 + Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 50 + Component 8
Steel 56.25 + Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 37.5 + Component 6

A drug lab is a work table that is utilized by your colonists in order to produce malicious substances as well as medicine from organic ingredients such as psychoid leaves and herbal medicine.

In order for this mastermind structure to be erected, your cartel colony must first invest a total of 500 research points (or 1500 if you're rocking a tribe) into drug production so that your colony will have enough knowledge to construct this work of the devil. Once you have a drug facility up and running, you will be one step closer to mass-producing flake so that your colony's economy will flourish, and therefore thrive. Despite requiring a considerable amount of components to construct, drug labs don't passively drain or consume electricity.

Wait, how do I make Smokeleaf here?

Unfortunately: you can't. It's unfortunately impossible to roll a big, fat blunt at your local anarchist's table; smokeleaf joints have to be produced at lowly 'crafting spot'.

Drug Lab Usage

While the drug lab is selected, click "Bills" then "Add Bill" to add an order to produce drugs. You'll need neutroamine (sold by traders) to craft things like medicine.

Items crafted here

A drug lab can be made out of various materials.

Material Steel Cost Cost Hit Points Flammability (%) Beauty
Steel 125 Steel.png - 120 20 0
Plasteel 75 Steel.png 50 Plasteel.png 335 10 0
Wood 75 Steel.png 50 Wood.png 48 100 0
Gold 75 Steel.png 1000 Gold.png 72 20 0
Silver 75 Steel.png 1000 Silver.png 84 20 0
Uranium 75 Steel.png 1000 Uranium.png 300 0 0