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| work to make factor = 1.3
| work to make factor = 1.3
| mass = 0.03
| mass = 0.03
| beauty offset = 3.2

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Fabric spun from microfibers extracted from Devilstrand mushrooms. It is very tough, good at insulating, and protects exceptionally well against flame.

Stack Limit

Base Stats

Deterioration Rate
Market Value
Max Hit Points

Stat Modifiers

Armor - Blunt
Armor - Heat
Armor - Sharp
Insulation - Cold
Insulation - Heat
Max Hit Points
Work To Make

Devilstrand is a valuable fabric obtained by planting devilstrand mushrooms in a growing zone, trading, or through random drops. The devilstrand mushroom was genetically engineered to produce a high quality silk net. Its name comes from the greed it inspires in people. It is an extremely strong fabric, generally better and more valuable overall than cloth and leather.

Devilstrand makes a good mid-late game fabric, as it provides good protection and can be farmed, unlike synthread or hyperweave. It is less insulating than anything else but cloth. For insulation, it is recommended that you use wool instead.

It is a mediocre cash crop. While netting large amounts of money with each harvest, it takes very long to grow, so it isn't really profitable versus faster growing crops. To add to its slow growth, only growers with a minimum skill of 10 may sow it. Devilstrand may also be crafted into apparel or furniture then sold, though both require quality higher than Normal to be more profitable than just selling the fabric. Use your highest skilled craftsman or constructor in that field to maximize profits.