Butcher table

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Butcher table

Butcher table

A heavy table used by cooks for butchering dead creatures into pieces of raw meat

1 ˣ 3
Wood 20 + Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 75
Wood 15 + Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 56

A heavy table for butchering dead creatures into a number of pieces of raw meat and leather, depending upon the animal. Colonists assigned to cooking will butcher creatures as part of their duties. The Butcher Creature bill defaults to include all animals and exclude humanoids and buried creatures, but can be configured. The bill configuration can also restrict ingredients by hit points by adjusting the minimum and maximum sliders.


Butcher tables are considered dirty with a cleanliness of -15. In addition, when butchering bloodstains will appear near the table, reducing cleanliness and beauty even more.

Human butchering

While butchering corpses for meat is more profitable than burying them, most colonists find butchering of humans abhorrent, and will get bad thoughts if:

  • They, or anybody else butchers humans
  • Eat meals that contain human meat
  • See dead human bodies in general

Additionally, colonists butchering humans will get a relationship penalty with other colonists. Psychopaths, however, don't care about any of the above and don't think less of colonists that butcher humans.


A butcher table can be made out of wood or any metal, and are identical in work speed and function regardless of material used.

Material Cost Hit Points Flammability (%) Beauty Work to Build
Wood butcher table Wood 95 72 100 0 24
Steel butcher table Wood 20 + Steel 75 180 20 0 34
Plasteel butcher table Wood 20 + Plasteel 75 505 10 0 67
Gold butcher table Wood 20 + Gold 750 108 20 0 44
Silver butcher table Wood 20 + Silver 750 126 20 0 40
Uranium butcher table Wood 20 + Uranium 750 450 0 0 64