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Raw meat.

FoodRaw Food

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Meat is one of the primary sources of food, obtained by butchering the corpses of animals (and possibly humans). It can be used alone to produce simple meals, or combined with other ingredients to produce fine and lavish meals. As a raw food item, colonists dislike eating uncooked meat.

Each stack of meat is labeled to identify the species it came from. In most cases, the properties of meat do not differ by species and the stats on this page apply to all of them. There are two exceptions, however.

Insect meat

Colonists consider insect meat disgusting, and will suffer the "Ate cooked insect meat" bad thought (-3 mood) when eating meals made with it. Cooks will not usually cook with insect meat, but you can make them do so by allowing insect meat in cooking bills. Eating uncooked insect meat is worse, but not nearly as bad as ...

Human meat

Much like insect meat, colonists are generally opposed to consuming human flesh, so much so that your cooks will not butcher human corpses by default. Unless your butcher enjoys the "Psychopath," "Bloodlust," or "Cannibal" traits, butchering humanlike corpses generates a long-lasting -6 mood bad thought.

Only colonists with the Cannibal trait will appreciate the meal, while all others will get hammered with a -20 mood bad thought. Consider all other options before resorting to cannibalism to keep your colony up and running.