Nutrient paste dispenser

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Nutrient paste dispenser

Nutrient paste dispenser

Synthesizes nutrient paste from organic feedstocks. It consumes less ingredients and time than any other meal production method - but nobody likes eating nutrient paste. Accepts raw food, but not rough plant matter like hay.

3 ˣ 4
- 200W
Steel 90 + Component 3
Steel 45

A nutrient paste dispenser is an electrical device that produces Nutrient paste meals once a hopper attached adjacent to it is filled with raw food. As opposed to benches, bills cannot be added to it and only provides a single meal per use.

Colonists and prisoners consuming nutrient paste meals will suffer a -4 mood penalty with the “Ate awful meal” thought, which is slightly less punishing than the -7 mood penalty of "Ate raw food" thought debuff. A nutrient paste meal provides 0.9 nutrition which is more than raw food alone of 0.05.

The nutrient paste dispenser is a helpful device, but not necessarily vital for survival. They help in the long run since they avoid starvation and the resulting mental breaks. They also help when cooks can't cook meals fast enough to match population demand.

One hidden property of the dispenser is that it will act as a wall capable of separating rooms, accepting conduits and blocking temperature. This allows you to place hoppers in a refrigerated space to prevent rot, or to point a dispenser into a prison where colonists can safely fill the hopper from outside the prison while the prisoners can feed themselves whenever they want without a warden needing to bring them food.