Nutrient paste dispenser

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Nutrient paste dispenser

Nutrient paste dispenser

Synthesizes nutrient paste from organic feedstocks. It consumes less ingredients and time than any other meal production method - but nobody likes eating nutrient paste. Accepts raw food, but not rough plant matter like hay.

3 ˣ 4
- 200W
Steel 90 + Component 3
Steel 45

A nutrient paste dispenser converts raw food, placed in adjoining hoppers, into nutrient paste meals.

The dispenser provides food in an on demand basis. As long as the dispenser is powered and there is food in a connected hopper, a hungry colonist or a colonist feeding a prisoner will operate the dispenser to receive one nutrient paste meal.

Colonists may eat food raw, but the “Ate awful meal” thought gives less mood debuff than the “Ate raw food” thought. There is research to slightly improve the dispenser's efficiency (10% less food required for each meal).

Nutrient paste meals have one certain advantage over meals prepared by a cook. Meals prepared by a cook always have a chance of causing food poisoning, whereas nutrient paste meals never cause food poisoning.

Using a cook stove provides better meals.