Ship cryptosleep casket

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Ship cryptosleep casket

Ship cryptosleep casket

A cryptosleep casket hardened against the dangers of space.

2 ˣ 1
Cover Effectiveness
Work To Make
8,000 ticks (2.22 mins)
Resources to make
Steel 120 + Uranium 14 + Component 3 + Advanced component 3
Deconstruct yield
Steel 90 + Uranium 11 + Component 2 + Advanced component 2

The ship cryptosleep casket is used to contain a colonist in a state of suspended animation for space travel. To construct one, it must be placed adjacent to a ship structural beam (head first). It cannot be placed independently. If the player wishes to build a ship to evacuate the planet and end the game, several caskets are needed, one for each colonist and/or animal to be transported. They can be placed adjacent to each other provided they don't block the interaction spot of other caskets.

While in a cryptosleep casket, a humanoid's biological functions are suspended. The player may select a cryptosleep casket and look at the inspect pane to see if it is empty or occupied. When occupied, an 'Eject sleeper' button becomes available to allow the player to remove the colonist.

After waking from cryptosleep a humanoid will have cryptosleep sickness for a short time, which reduces consciousness and manipulation and causes vomiting. The colonists at the start of the game have cryptosleep sickness since they were in cryptosleep before the ship crashed.

The ship cryptosleep casket is visually and functionally identical to the cryptosleep casket found in the Misc menu. A cryptosleep casket differs largely from its ship-bound counterpart in that it is not a ship component and therefore can be placed anywhere.

When a ship cryptosleep casket is severely damaged it will spark briefly then explode. Nearby flammables may catch fire.

Entering a Cryptosleep Casket

To have a colonist enter a cryptosleep casket, simply select the colonist, then right-click a cryptosleep casket, and choose "Enter cryptosleep casket".

Animals can be put into cryptosleep caskets, but they need to be downed first. This can be done by applying anesthesia followed by manually directing a colonist to carry them inside.