Sensory mechanites

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A mechanite disease which brings mild pain in early stages but boosts sensory perception. This disease does not kill the patient, but still produces intense pain.

General Symptoms:

  • Mild pain (+0.2)
  • Improved sight (+50%)
  • Improved hearing (+50%)
  • Improved talking (+50%)
  • Improved manipulation (+30%)
  • Tiredness (rest fall factor) (x170%)

Advanced Symptoms:

  • Intense pain (+0.6)
  • Tiredness (rest fall factor) (x200%)
  • No other additional effects over early stage


  • Severity increases by 0.25 per day when not tended
  • Severity decreases by up to 100% per day when tended; actual rate depends on treatment quality


  • Treated with or without medicine, though medicine improves treatment quality, preventing disease from progressing.
  • Treatment does not have an effect on the time it takes for this disease to disappear
  • Treatment interval: 120,000 ticks (33.33 mins)
  • Can disappear as early as 900,000 ticks (250 mins) (1 quadrum)
  • Can last as long as 1,800,000 ticks (500 mins) (2 quadrums)