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Rot stink is a gas created by rotting food and corpses. It can cause lung rot.



Like other gasses, its density is shown as a percentage. In small or indoor spaces, the amount of rot stink builds up quickly, which causes the severity to rise quickly as well. A higher severity increases the chance of contracting lung rot, going up to a mtb of 8 days at 50% severity up to a mtb of 0.5 at 100% severity.

When not exposed to the gas, the severity slowly drops with 15% per day.

Minor: visible when reaching 15%, up to 35% Major: 35-50% Serious: 50%

Rot stink also induces negative thoughts:

  • Rot stink. - 10 mood debuff ("A rotten stink invades my nostrils and sticks to my skin. It makes me sick.")
  • Awful rot stink. -16 mood debuff ("The stench of rot is so thick I almost feel like I'm swimming in it. I can hardly breathe in this filth!")
  • Rot stink lingering. -6 mood debuff ("That rot stink was horrible - and it feels like it's still stuck to me.")

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It can be used in killboxes, but, the requirements are having Gas Masks, or, having Tox immunity or Total antitoxic lungs.

Version history[edit]

  • 1.4.3525 - Added.
  • 1.4.3555 - All gasses, including rot stink, can now travel through vents.