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Gases are a class object that behaves in a certain way. There are currently three gasses:


Gasses have a concentration of 1-100%. This is calculated for each tile that contains gas.

Gas slowly dissolves into normal air and will disappear when the concentration reaches 0%. Different weapons have different mechanics when it comes to creating gas.

Gases can travel through vents.[Details]

Things that increase the concentration of the gas[edit]

  • Releasing more gas with weapons or traps

Things that block gas[edit]

  • Walls

Things that do not influence the gas concentration or dissolve speed[edit]

  • Roofs


Although gases can spread to neighbouring tiles, (it seems) they can only do this to a certain extent.

Further testing is needed:

  • When two/three pawns fire at the same time, will the volume of the cloud be bigger than if only pawn fires?
  • Walls seem to 'absorb' gas. In a narrow and wide corridor the gas dissolves at an equal speed. In the narrow one it barely reaches further.
  • Rot stink might have slightly different mechanics. In earlier tests it seemed to reach a higher concentration in enclosed spaces. This is probably unrelated to the roof, but rather to being in a small area where it can not spread to dissolve equally fast as it was being created by the rotting corpse.
  • Effect of open doors is not known yet.

Version history[edit]

  • 1.4.3523 - Gas system added. Previously smoke was the only gas and it only existed as a temporary object with a set but refreshable duration.
  • 1.4.3555 - Gases can now travel through vents.