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Rest is the game mechanic that controls Characters' needs for sleep. A character with a higher rest value has slept recently, and is less tired than another character with a low rest level.

Levels of Rest

Characters' rest level is grouped into four thresholds: Rested, Tired, Very Tired, and Exhausted. Each threshold exhibits different effects on a character, especially their Thoughts. When a character's rest level is zero they may collapse from exhaustion; they will immediately begin sleeping on the ground wherever they are.

The rest levels are as follows:

Label Rest
Rested >= 28%
Tired >=14% and <28%
Very Tired >=1% and <14%
Exhausted <=1%

Rest caps at 0% and 100%.

Rest Changes


When awake, rest goes down every 150 ticks (1/400 of a game day) depending on the character's current rest.

Rest threshold Rest change per 150 ticks Rest change per game day Time between previous and next thresholds
Rested -0.2375% -95% ~0.758 game days (100 => 28)
Tired -0.16625% -66.5% ~0.211 game days (28 => 14)
Very Tired -0.07125% -28.5% ~0.456 game days (14 => 1)
Exhausted -0.1425% -57% ~0.018 game days (1 => 0)


When a character rests in a bed, their Rest value increases over time.

 Each 150 ticks, rest increases by 150 * 100% / Full Sleep Hours Per Day (10.5 / 24) / Ticks Per Game Day (60000) * Rest Effectiveness * Rest Rate Multiplier
 = ~0.57143% * Rest Effectiveness * Rest Rate Multiplier

Rest Rate Multiplier is a character (pawn) stat that defaults at 1.0 and is based off blood pumping, metabolism, and breathing capacities (and thus is affected by relevant injuries, bionics, etc.)

Blood Pumping has a .3 weight

Metabolism has a .3 weight

Breathing has a .3 weight

Rest Effectiveness depends on the object the character is sleeping on:

Object Rest Effectiveness at Normal quality Rest increase per 150 ticks Rest increase per "full sleep game hours" (10.5) Rest increase per game day
Sleeping Spot or Ground 0.8 ~0.45714% 80% ~182.857%
Bedroll 0.95 ~0.54286% 95% ~217.143%
Bed 1.0 ~0.57143% 100% ~228.571%
Royal Bed 1.05 0.6% 105% 240%

and the quality of that object:

Quality Rest Effectiveness Multiplier
Awful 0.86
Poor 0.92
Normal 1.0
Good 1.08
Excellent 1.14
Masterwork 1.25
Legendary 1.6

Therefore, when a character reaches the Tired threshold (28%), it takes them this long to return to full (100%) rest:

Object Time from Tired to Full Rest
Sleeping Spot or Ground ‭0.39375‬ game days
Normal Bed ‭0.315‬ game days
Legendary Royal Bed ‭0.1875‬ game days

See Also

Pawn Sleeping furniture:

  • Sleeping spot - a free method to designate a place to sleep, but uncomfortable with terrible rest effectivness.
  • Double sleeping spot - a sleeping spot equvialent bed that allows up to two pawns to sleep together.
  • Bedroll - a portable, lower tech version of the bed that provides less comfort and rest effectivness.
  • Double bedroll - a bedroll equvialent bed that allows up to two pawns to sleep together.
  • Double bed - a bed equvialent bed that allows up to two pawns to sleep.
  • Royal bed - an expensive double bed that provides additional comfort and rest effectiveness.
  • Hospital bed - a bed equivalent with a larger immunity gain speed factor

Animal Sleeping furniture: