Psychite tea

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Psychite tea

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A fragrant tea infused with leaves of the psychoid plant. Drinking it induces a subtle psychite euphoria. this tea is easy to produce at cooking facilities, but can produce psychite addiction if consumed too often. Many tribes use psychite tea, both as a daily energizer and part of social and religious rituals

DrugSocial Drug
Stack Limit

Base Stats

Deterioration Rate
Market Value
Max Hit Points
Work To Make

Stat Modifiers


Psychite tea is a tea made at a fueled stove or electric stove using 4 psychoid leaves with requirement of minimum 2 Cooking skill. It provides a simple +12 mood buff as well as slightly reduces pain (10% reduction) and tiredness (20% reduction). It raises Recreation by 40. Production of this drug gives skill points in Intellectual. To produce it, a player should research Psychoid Brewing first.


It less cost-efficient than the other psychoid drugs, flake and yayo, as it is worth the least and takes the longest to make. However, its minor research requirement makes it good in the early game, especially for tribes, and it does not require a drug lab. Additionally, it is significantly less addictive than flake or yayo, with only 2% chance to be addicted per drink. A colonist can drink one every 2 days with no chance of becoming addicted.

Version history

  • This drug was introduced in B18.
  • In Beta 19, it was renamed from Psychoid pekoe, and it was no longer made at a crafting spot.