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"A gigantic creature of unknown origin. The thrumbo is gentle by nature, but extremely dangerous when enraged. Its long fur is exceptionally beautiful and valuable, and its razor-sharp horn is priceless in most markets. Legends say that an old thrumbo is the wisest creature in the universe - it simply chooses not to speak."

Market Value
4400 Silver.png
Move Speed
Mass - Young
Mass - Juvenile
Mass - Adult
22 dmg (scratch)
110 ticks (1.83 secs)
Average DPS
Meat Yield
140 thrumbo meat thrumbo meat
Carrying Capacity
Leather Yield
Manhunter Chance
Manhunter Chance (Taming)
Hunger Rate
herbivorous and dendrovorous
Life Expectancy
Trainable Intelligence
Minimum Handling Skill
Gestation Period
80 days
Offspring Per Birth
Maturity Age

Thrumbos are large, gentle creatures that do not spawn natively in any biome, but can appear in all biomes through a random event. If provoked, thrumbos will retaliate using their horn which inflicts massive damage.

If slain, they will drop a thrumbo horn with a market value of 3000 silver, which can be either used as a powerful weapon or can be sold to various traders. Note that a juvenile thrumbo doesn't have a horn yet, and will not drop one.

Thrumbos are extremely powerful animals and a rampaging thrumbo can threaten the entire colony. Take full precautions when attempting to hunt Thrumbos: never ever engage in melee alone, only dare to engage them on favorable terms, and be cognizant that they can move faster than a colonist. An incapacitated Thrumbo is an excellent opportunity to train healing skills as it may have sustained dozens of treatable wounds.

Thrumbos are, arguably, more profitable dead than alive for many reasons, their horn, as stated previously, has a high value in the market or can be used as a good melee weapon, their fur or skin makes the most valuable clothing, for example a legendary Parka made out of Thrumbofur has a market value of 16105 silver and they yield more meat than any other animal when butchered.

Hunting Tactics

Due to the high movement speed and, very high attack power and very high health of a Thrumbo, they are very dangerous creatures to hunt and you need a sheer amount of firepower to overwhelm one.

One way to take on a Thrumbo is to have somebody take Go-Juice and kite it, while at least 4 gunmen (preferably 6 or 9) shoot at it. Somebody with 2 bionic legs or 1 bionic leg and either Fast Walker or Jogger traits will get by just fine kiting it too. Be sure to keep a fair distance from the shooters and keep the kiting person fairly close (but not too close) so that angry Thrumbo(s) don't aggro onto the gunners. However, Thrumbos with bad backs and/or frail bodies can be kited by most colonists.

Alternatively, if you don't have any fast pawns available (or you're just a pansy), Thrumbos are easy to kill with a sort of evil game of peek-a-boo. Have all your colonists shelter inside, then have pawns take turns peeking out of doors and taking potshots, then retreating behind the doors when the Thrumbo closes in. Repair the doors as the Thrumbo pounds them until it gives up, then rinse and repeat (many, many times). Be careful with doors made of weaker materials as the thrumbo may break them down before the constructors can repair them in time.

Another way to kill a Thrumbo is to wait until it goes to sleep, build a room around it and set a storage to only store beer, the Thrumbo then will drink the beer when it gets hungry and will eventually pass out or die.

If you don't have beer or don't want to wait then you could shoot the Thrumbo with a psychic shock lance when it is sleeping, this will sometimes cause death or will leave it unconscious for a moment making it easier to attack it with fire power, but be careful when doing this since it might enrage other Thrumbos around.
Alternatively, shooting it with a psychic insanity lance will make the Thrumbo attack anything on sight including other Thrumbos around meaning that they will kill or at least incapacitate each other. Maddened Thrumbos will attack and even kill other animals until they die or get incapacitated, this could be used on your advantage to get dead animals without actually sending your colonists to hunt them.

Building a room around a sleeping Thrumbo and then setting the room on fire will eventually kill the Thrumbo from either a heatstroke or burning. This way is less profitable since the horn they drop will catch on fire and start losing HP thus decreasing its value, and is also not reliable.

Also you might combine turrets with hit n' run tactic. It's safe if you can manage to hide in base quickly. The only cost might be the turret rebuilding. The best way to do so is using solar power plant area and placing 7-15 turrets there. Not only protecting then,they can easily cause terrifying damage to Thrumbo and will probably kill it rather than neutralising it. It's the easiest way once it requires only metal,components and open or semi-open space.

If you are daring, getting 8 or more well-equipped melee colonists to gank the thrumbo will bring it down fast enough, especially combined with a firing squad shooting from a distance, though this comes with a high risk of serious injury. Two poorly-skilled dual scyther bladed people in normal power armour with go-juice can arguably also do the job of meleeing a thrumbo too, but it's better to have three to play it safe.


One of the hardest animals to tame, even at level 20 you may only have a 1% chance to tame it. Additionally, thrumbos have a 2.5% chance to turn manhunter on a failed taming attempt, making this animal one of the hardest to tame. Even on best of terms a handler can still enrage a Thrumbo, who will likely incapacitate or kill the handler. The best method of training a Thrumbo is therefore capturing a wounded Thrumbo and healing it, as your doctor has a chance of bonding with the animal for each attempt.

Successfully tamed Thrumbos are of little everyday use to a colony when compared to ordinary dogs, sporting a voracious appetite and a high resistance to training. Carry mechanics do not allow the Thrumbo to carry multiple stacks of items despite its strength. Still, being extremely dangerous in combat and highly resilient to damage, a Thrumbo pet can become a colony's last line of defense against infestations or mechanoid drops.


Thrumbos can be trained as follows:

Obedience:  Check.png
Release:  Check.png
Rescue:  Check.png
Haul:  Check.png


Body part Health
Neck 390
Eye [1]
(left, right)
Ear 130
Horn 260
Body 520
(left, right)
(left, right)
Liver[2] 260
Heart[2] 260
Spine[2] 260
Stomach[2] 325
(left, right, rear, front)
(left, right, rear, front)
  1. Located inside of Head.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 Located inside of Body.