Psychic shock lance

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Psychic shock lance

Psychic shock lance.png

One-use artifact that directs psychic disturbances towards one character, dropping them into a state of psychic shock for some time. Large risk of brain damage.

Market Value
500 Silver.png
0.5 kg

A psychic shock lance is a single-use artifact that is activated by selecting a colonist, right-clicking the artifact and then selecting 'Activate'. Upon activation, you can target any pawn on the map, even through walls, to send into a state of unconsciousness for a short period of time, and has a small chance of setting the victim on fire - originating from the brain. Psychically deaf pawns (or anybody with 0% psychic sensitivity) can't be targeted.

Psychic Shock Lances can be purchased from Exotic Goods Traders or found in ancient shrines. As of version A17b, Psychic Shock Lances bypass the 67% chance to die on downing for hostiles. Psychic shock lance burning.png