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In Beta 18, colonists with a high mood can randomly have mental inspirations, giving a stat boost for some time. Unlike mental breaks, you retain full control of that colonist. Like them, however, incapacitation will end the inspiration.

At 100 mood, colonists have an inspiration on average once every 10 days.

Work frenzy

Colonists suddenly becomes significantly more productive, and will work 2.5x as fast for the duration of the inspiration.

Base duration: 1 day

Go frenzy

Colonists' great mood lifts them up and makes them walk 1.5x as fast, as long as he feels inspired.

Base duration: 1 day

Shoot frenzy

Colonists are somehow inspired to shoot more accurately, and will shoot as if they have 10 more shooting levels than they do.

This is more useful if the colony frequently receives raids or if the inspired colonist is a hunter.

Base duration: 3 days

Inspired trade

Colonists are inspired about how to obtain great deals. They will get a great 18% boost in trade prices, essentially meaning 12 more levels of Social.

After a successful trade deal, the inspiration ends.

Base duration: 8 days
Minimum skill: Social 6

Inspired recruitment

Colonists gain insight on how to recruit prisoners into the colony. They will successfully recruit the next prisoner they attempt to recruit, regardless of difficulty.

To make the most out of the recruitment, you may manually have the warden prioritize the recruitment attempt on a specific prisoner. If the prisoner has been talked to recently, you will need to disable warden interactions for that prisoner, and wardening for the inspired warden, then wait a while before enabling them both.

The inspiration ends after a prisoner is recruited.

Base duration: 8 days
Minimum skill: Social 6

Inspired surgery

Colonists become more concentrated in surgeries after being inspired, and as a result the failure rate for the next surgery will be 10 times smaller (0.1x). This will have little effect if your surgeon's base surgery success chance is already very high, and none if somehow it is above 100%, but can make a great difference for those with lower Medicine skill who are not good surgeons yet, or operations such as carcinoma removal that have a lower chance of success.

The inspiration ends after a surgery is performed, even if the surgery fails.

Base duration: 8 days
Minimum skill: Medicine 6

Inspired art

A sudden burst of inspiration gives colonists a great idea for a piece of art, and after it is completed that piece of art will be 3 levels higher than it is supposed to be.

The inspiration is only good for 1 piece of art.

Base duration: 8 days
Minimum skill: Artistic 6