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Questions about food production (on behalf on of, 12 October 2016

Questions about food production (on behalf on of

Created this thread based on the following remarks posted today by

Remark: these numbers are based on what soil and on what per colonist consumption? Is it taking into account that cooking increases the nutrient content of the inputs used? Does it take into account overeating? Some average of sicknesses/smokeleaf usage which increase food consumption? If you feed colonists meals, they seem to need two meals per day when they are in a "clean" state (no illness, no drugs etc.). I end up with 14 corn plants per "clean" colonist on normal soil. But to take into account all the eventualities (blights, eclipses, sicknesses, increased consumption due to drugs, food binges etc.), I'd rather go with 20 in regions with all year growing season and all year optimal temperature.

Jimyoda (talk)03:52, 12 October 2016

soil is used in the aculations. Nothing has been taken in to acount. All of the random events, (not)taking drugs, overeating, bad harvest, hunting; it is not possible to put it in a static equation it is a simple farm: normal soil, normal day, normal temp, no drugs, no meals it is the minimum you will need in near perfect conditions you should plant more to get a stockpile going and future proof handle it like a guideline: if you have 25 corn, 25 potato and 3 people you should be good. if you have 50 corn 34 potato 60 rice and 12 people you should plant more.

does this clearify things?

PieTau (talk)16:26, 12 October 2016

Thanks for the reply. Sounds good to me. I think that answers the OP's questions, but if not, they'll need to speak up in this thread.

Jimyoda (talk)17:29, 12 October 2016