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Community Portal

Phoebe.png Need help, want something changed or want to debate about something? Here you will find exactly what you need! Randy.png

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New to wikis?

Zesty Administrator talkcontribs
TynanSylvester Administrator talkcontribs
MrPetovan Administrator talkcontribs
Jimyoda Moderator talkcontribs
PigeonGuru Moderator talkcontribs
Harakoni Moderator talkcontribs
  • In case you need some help with editing pages, Wikipedia's "How to edit a page" article is a great source of information.
  • Transclusion: Some pages display text from another page by using a special markup to transclude it. Editing the text must be done on the page from which the text is transcluded.
    • For example, when editing the page Character Types you'll see {{:Colonist}} which is markup text that automatically copies text from the page Colonist.
    • To learn more about transclusions, see Wikipedia:Transclusion.

How to help out?

  • Recent changes shows the latest page updates in this wiki and clicking on the (diff/hist) is the easiest way to learn common practices.
  • Stub articles are pages in need of additional content, an easy way to get started.
  • When you get better, check the list of pages to be rewritten and improve already filled pages that need a better "sound to noise ratio". Friendly readability and concise, structured writing. Also, to make things easier, here is the style guide.
  • Another helpful activity is to check wanted pages list, frequently linked-to articles that don't exist yet and can be started from blank free of remarks.
  • Tag maintenance templates Category:Templates or RimWorld Wiki:Templates to pages that you think had been overlooked and need to be polished.
  • Have you made 10 edits and have been autoconfirmed? Upload and add some images! Visit Special:Upload. Add them [[Category:Images]].
  • Check for spelling and punctuation mistakes/errors.
  • You can also create "New pages" for missing pages but your account must have at least 10 edits beforehand, this is to prevent vandalism. If you don't meet the count yet, just perform any of the above mentioned tasks to raise your count.

Want to discuss stuff?

  • If you want to discuss anything specific to an article, you can use the Discussion page for that article. (Note that if that particular talk page doesn't exist yet, you need to pass the anti-bot filter before you can create it.)
  • For more general discussions you can use the Discussion tab of this page.

RimWorld Discord

Want to connect in real time with other RimWorld Wiki contributors? Check out the #suggestions channel in the RimWorld Discord Server and come say hi!

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Current discussions

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  • Please note that while editing others' userspace is explicitly discouraged, any hate speech in the userspace, directed to other users or not, will still be removed. PigeonGuru ( talk | contribs | assist ) 16:15, 5 August 2020 (UTC)

Things to do

Useful activities


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Note: The translation extension is disabled. Currently, we are more focused in cleaning up translation tags than adding translations.