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Page Creation Permissions

What does it take to get page creation permissions? Lilwhitemouse (talk) 14:42, 29 November 2018 (UTC)

Also interested in finding out this info, especially TALK pages. The "Community portal" says under Want to discuss stuff? "If you want to discuss anything specific to an article, you can use the Discussion page for that article.", but if an article's talk page is still empty that's not really possible: unregistered users are shown 🔒 You currently are not able to participate. You can try logging in. and newly-registered users are shown 🔒 You currently are not able to participate, because you do not have the required rights. -- so it's easier to just vandalize right away (editing articles) than to talk about what we want to improve. :-( -- Noob hoarder (talk) 22:09, 11 May 2019 (UTC)
The answer is everywhere (it's the most FAQ):
Under "How to help out" within this same page:
  • You can also create "New pages" for missing pages but your account must have at least 10 edits a priori, this is configuration to prevent vandal bots. If you don't meet the count yet, just perform any of the above mentioned tasks to rise your count.
In Help:Basics:
  • Under "Creating New Articles": With a brand new account, you will need at least 10 edits to be able to make a new article. This is an anti-spam bot measure.
Check out the Special Pages area to see articles that could use links, pictures, categories, etc. Fixing up grammar and spelling on pages is always appreciated as well, and is also an easy way to get your 10 edits.
...and also...

Wooden foot

I'd like to create the page Wooden foot but I don't have the permissions to do so. Could someone create the page (and then ping me) or give me the permission? Thanks. --Nijin (talk) 19:17, 17 September 2018 (UTC)

Formatting guideline for "Weapon" pages

Version 1.0 is out and I'm not sure if more will be added as to evaluate the usefulness of this at the time, but since we are editing such pages, this is my draft and I would like everybody else's opinions to polish this layout and make it standard to all related articles.

LongRangeMineralScanner.pngYoshida Keiji(Let's talkBeer b.png)LongRangeMineralScanner.png

02:28, 3 November 2018 (UTC)

User:Yoshida Keiji/Sandbox3

Formatting guideline for Biome guides

Discuss what would you expect from Biome specific guides, the content, the parameters in which it shall be focused on, what it must have and what nots. How would you give points based on a score system to determine whether an article shall be part of the Community with members consentient by including it in mainspace or if it shall remain a user exclusive article that solely exposes the views of a single person rather everybody.

LongRangeMineralScanner.pngYoshida Keiji(Let's talkBeer b.png)LongRangeMineralScanner.png

12:43, 21 January 2019 (UTC)