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This is the table of contents for the modding tutorial. Here, you'll learn step by step how to create mods of gradually increasing complexity.

In light of little official documentation, this collection of tutorials has been written in hopes that more players will know how to modify RimWorld and make mods that further broaden horizons and make the game appealing to more audiences despite its early state.

Table of contents


  1. First Steps and Some Links
  2. Essence of Modding
  3. Installing Mods
  4. Exploring the Folder Structure
  5. Mod Folder Structure
  6. Recommended Software

General modding

XML tutorials

  1. XML File Structure
  2. Introduction to XML Defs
  3. In-depth XML Def tutorials
  4. (Added in Alpha 17) PatchOperations, replace specific xml elements of core files while keeping the rest untampered

C# tutorials

  1. Setting up
  2. Decompiling Source Code
  3. Writing Custom Code
  4. Introduction to Def Classes
  5. Alter Code at Runtime with Harmony - this is a best practice, replacing C# code injection to reduce Mod Conflicts
  6. Mod DLL Compatibility
  7. Distribution


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