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Modding Tutorials
This page was originally created by Alistaire.

This tutorial suggests steps to take when releasing your mod.



  1. Compile all your DLLs and make sure they're in the Assemblies folder;
  2. Make a copy of your mod and call it (YourModName)-DEV or something along those lines. Strip all files standard users won't need out of the standard version:
    1. The Source folder is mostly useless for standard mod users;
    2. Backups of older versions of textures and such can be removed from the standard version;
    3. Make sure to remove as many XML comments as you want, don't leave spoilers in there for your upcoming updates!
  3. Update your About folder, that thing was made in a hurry anyways. Add a nice Preview.png to showcase your mod:
    1. Make sure you've updated the targetVersion tag,
  4. Optional: Release your source code.
    1. Some mods include the Source folder with the full C# project in it for other modders to check out;
    2. Some mods include a Dropbox download link to their source code in the mod's topic. This is also a possibility,
  5. Take a look at the "Mod release rules" Thread;
  6. Along with that, this Thread has tips on host sites and further naming conventions.