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Language Swedish English
Location Sweden Norrköping
Age 35

I'm that kind of user that comes up with crazy solutions and uses for stuff that isn't intended to be used in that way, but its very useful.
Some of my favorite examples are:

  • Growing area, Used for target practice
  • Dumping_stockpile zone, In my opinion, It had the most uses of all items in the game, before it got removed from the game.
  • Molotov cocktails, to remove corpses, (its not that ugly as it sounds like, It's just like cremation, and it's way better than having them just laying around or in a mass grave)
  • Cover

Here you can see what else I have contributed to: Contributions/Sebbes333
And you might want to know that I'm unemployed and looking for work, preferably in Sweden or over the internet, interested? Send me a mail

A very serious problem has happened, I can not add or edit content on most pages here on Rimworld wiki, most pages have a "Translate" tab now, and the "Edit" tab has perished.
Witout the ability to add content I find it useles to be here, if a solution isn't found in some days I will most likely abandon Rimworld wiki.

I have found out how to be able to edit pages now, it's clunky but it work's, I basically have to go to the page I want to edit, be auto redirected to the English page, click on the text that takes me back to the redirecting page but prevents the redirecting, and finally start editing.

If you have any information about why this have happened, how to solve it or any other useful information, then please inform me on my talk page here: User_talk:Sebbes333
Sebbes333 (talk) 14:17, 28 December 2013 (EST)