Dumping stockpile zone

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Dumping stockpile zone

Dumping stockpile zone

Used for dumping

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Architecture, Zone/Area.


This feature allows the creation of a zone where Colonists will place junk (animal corpses, bodies and debris). Once the capacity becomes full, it can either be extended or cleared with methods similar to incinerable garbage by ways such as:

Additionally, these zones can serve as a cheap alternative sandbag line.

Creating Dumping stockpiles

To create a dumping stockpile, click the Dumping Stockpile Zone button, in the Zone/Area tab of the Architect menu. Next, simply click and drag to draw the area. If the chosen area has parts that cannot be made into a dumping stockpile, like a wall or a workbench, a dumping stockpile will be created but they will not be part of it. Doing the same operation on an already existing stockpile/dumping stockpile will expand it, but maintain whether or not it is a dupming stockpile vs a regular stockplie. When creating a dumping stockpile, any movable items currently occupying the designated tiles will automatically be considered part of the dumping stockpile, even if the dumping stockpile settings disallow those particular items. Removing a dumping stockpile works exactly the same, but with the Delete Zones button. This will erase the specified area.


Select a dumping stockpile and click the Storage tab to configure it.

  • Priority - Items are brought to dupming stockpiles with higher priority that have available space. Haulers will even move items already in a stockpile that can be moved to a higher priority one.
  • Hit points and quality sliders - Set sliders to restrict items based on their hit points and/or quality.
  • Item list - Choose what items are allowed.

Note: The 'Clear All' button will set 'Allow non-dead man's apparel' (under Apparel) to not allowed. This means the dumping stockpile will no longer accept normal apparel unless you check it back on.

Using dumping stockpiles

Once a dumping stockpile has been allocated, haulers will automatically move items to the stockpile when they are available as long as the dumping stockpile allows that item and has available space.