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Harakoni (talkcontribs)

Hey, so testing seems to indicate that the bonus from light to Surgery Success Chance caps at 50%, and the additional light from the Sun Lamp doesn't increase it further. We checked by looking at the chance listed in the bed info, which was unchanged when using a sun lamp or standing lamp.

I've removed the section for now, but if you've got a reason for thinking that that value in the info tab is wrong, or that the light modifier applies elsewhere in a way that doesn't cap please lemme know so I can reinstate it. I don't want to discourage editing so if I'm wrong about it please tell me.

Sebbes333 (talkcontribs)

Of course that value doesn't change... the bed doesn't have eyes, does it? :D

The surgery work is in a symbiosis between many things; The room, the bed & the colonist + attachments (eg. Vitals Monitor).

You need to look in a colonist, under the: "Work >> Medical Surgery Success Chance"

As you can see, that stat is affected by: Skill, Manipulation(100% importance) & Sight(40% Importance).

Light at 100% improves the Sight stat, compared to light at 50%.

Likewise, an Archotech Eye would also improve that surgery stat for the same reason.

I haven't tested if with an A. Eye it will be enough with 50% light, or if a Sun Lamp still improves the chance.

Sebbes333 (talkcontribs)

Apparently that was wrong, the light seam to cap at 50%.

When I tried it the first time, it seamed to work, but now it doesn't seam to change the colonist's values at all, and the bed seams to be at maximum already at 50% light. Maybe it spawned dirt in the room at the wrong time, or something like that?

That's a bummer, it would be a fun mechanic, being able to upgrade the lighting too over time to improve surgery. But it also saves me a lot of hassle from the sun lamp turning of at night, in the middle of an important surgery. :/

Sebbes333 (talkcontribs)

So, for the "Medical Surgery Success Chance" not even an Archotech Eye would improve the outcomes, because it is capped at 100% which a regular "default" eye gives.

However, it will improve things like "Medical Tend Quality" and "Medical Tend Speed".

Today has been very educational. :)

Sebbes333 (talkcontribs)

AHA! I think I know what made me think the Sun Lamp increased "Medical Surgery Success Chance", it is the Vitals Monitor, it increases that stat, so when switched on the power to the Sun Lamp, it also activated the monitor, which increases that success chance.

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