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"Mortar launcher. Lobs bombs over walls. Very inaccurate but long-ranged."

2 ˣ 2
Market Value
1500 Silver.png
200 kg
Cover Effectiveness
Dmg Type
500 ticks (8.33 secs)
1,680 ticks (28 secs)
500 tile(s)
Minimum Range
30 tiles
79% - 42% - 18% - 6%
Average Acc.
41 (m/s)
Burst Count
1 (per burst)
Miss Radius
16 tile(s)
Blast Radius
1.38 (0.5)
Steel 100 + Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 50 + Component 3
Steel 75 + Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 38 + Component 2

The Mortar is a manned stationary siege defense mechanism which launches 1-round artillery mortar shells at any enemy that enters its 500-tile firing radius but it will not fire once the enemies have reached within 30 tiles, or can be manually set a forced target.

The range indicator of mortars is not its actual range, but the size of its blind spot. It cannot fire if covered by a roof.

It has a 5.8-second warmup time, a 28-second cooldown, and an 11-tile forced miss radius. Mortars explode in a 4.9-tile radius when destroyed and deal 50 damage.

Mortars require a pawn each to load and fire shells. Their skills have no effect on accuracy, however pawns incapable of violence will refuse to man them. Unlike drafted colonists, mortar personnel do not relieve their position once the battle is over and must be manually unassigned, or they will become exhausted, starve, and potentially suffer a mental break. There is no way to increase mortar accuracy.

Loading different shells into it will produce different effects. These shells can be manually extracted from the mortar. Mortars can be set to accept different types of shell.

For additional guidance, see Defense structures#Mortars .


Different shells allow the mortar to serve a variety of functions.

High-explosive shell

The high-explosive shell is the 'regular' kind of mortar shell, that deals 50 damage in a 3.5-tile radius upon exploding.

They are effective against most enemies; siege bases, resting or charging raiders, crashed ship parts and their mechanoid guards. While two mortars are enough against siege bases, around 4 - 8 will be needed for direct attacks on raiders.

They are less effective against enemies equipped with shield belts, as the explosion is blocked by the shield. A high quality shield belt can survive a blast and regenerate faster than the mortar fires. Pairing these with other mortars firing EMP rounds can overcome this problem easily.

Incendiary shell

The incendiary shell is a type of mortar shell that upon exploding, deals 10 damage in a 2.9-tile radius (i.e. a 5x5 square) and sets the area on fire.

EMP shell

The EMP shell is a type of mortar shell that upon exploding, deals 360 EMP damage in a 8.5-tile radius, instantly downing shields and stunning mechanoids, turrets and other mortars for 90 seconds.

Antigrain warhead

The antigrain warhead is a type of mortar shell used by the mortar. It can also be used to make an IED antigrain warhead trap.

Upon impact, it detonates in a 15-tile radius dealing 400 damage and flammables may catch fire.

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Version history

In Beta 18 the three types of mortars (Incendiary, EMP and explosive) were replaced with a single type, which fires different types of shells that achieve the same effect. In addition, two new shells are added, the firefoam shell and the antigrain warhead.