IED trap

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IED trap

IED trap.png

An artillery shell connected to a homemade trigger. When someone disturbs the trigger, the shell explodes. The improvised trigger has a random delay that might allow a nimble enemy to escape.

1 ˣ 1
Component 1 Shell 1
Steel 38

Detonates when an enemy enters a ? block diameter. Explodes in a 5-tile radius around it.

In terms of defenses its only useful when placed in a position where the enemies will be stuck for a couple of seconds. it has a random delay to explode which makes it inadvisable to place out in the open, because animals could trigger it and there is a (good) chance the enemy will have ran past its explosion area. And because of its expensive nature ( 1 component each ) that would be a waste. Its much more recommended to place it near a spot where enemies would find cover. since they will be on that position for enough time for you too be sure it will explode with them in the blast radius. it can also be placed in choke points but because of its random delay its more recommended to use the IED incendiary trap since it will trigger directly.

When tripped, the trap will start emitting a hissing sound similar to those of exploding turrets. Pawns or enemies won't run away from it once its triggered.

When exploded the damage is dealt as explosive blunt, which may strike any body part. The actual damage inflicted varies, up to its max damage, and has a fair chance to do enough damage to incapacitate a pawn but has a small chance to kill a pawn. Colonists and friendlies are aware of placed traps and will walk around them, but only if another short route is available. Pawns will not be able to avoid traps placed in a long continuous line, or in choke points like a narrow hallway. A trap is less likely to be triggered by a colonist or friendly.