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"Heavy combat mechanoids that glide on dozens of tiny legs. Their heavy armor and firepower makes them very effective against bunched-up static defenders. They are somewhat vulnerable to mobile hit-and-run tactics."

Armor - Blunt
Armor - Sharp
Move Speed
20 dmg (blunt)
120 ticks (2 secs)
Average DPS

Centipedes are a type of extremely durable, slow-moving mechanoid that can be found sealed in ancient ruins in all biomes, either spawned inside mountains or outside on the landscape. They may also raid the player's base through a random raid-type event and can also be found in most poison ships and psychic ships. Centipedes are often supported by scythers.

Like other mechanoids, centipedes are sentient machine-like creatures which do not need to eat, cannot be tamed or trained, and are always hostile to the colony. Centipedes have 6 consecutive body rings and a high resistance to sharp damage, which includes bullets, so they require many shots to take down with guns. Centipedes may spawn equipped with the minigun, heavy charge blaster, inferno cannon, or with no weapon at all.

Centipedes can also handle strikes from more than a dozen deadfall traps, though these traps have a chance to cut off their head or destroy their sight sensors before critical damage is dealt. Like pirates, centipedes will break down doors and walls, as well as wreck a base's production tables and furniture.

Centipedes are good at crowd control, but cannot take down single or widely scattered targets, especially when equipped with miniguns or heavy charge blasters, both of which has forced miss radii. One effective way of distracting fire from them (if they are not equipped with the inferno cannon or supported by scythers) is to simply let a colonist with a personal shield stand in front of other colonists; the centipedes will focus fire on the shielded colonist while being completely unable to hit it, allowing your other colonists to fire at the centipedes without getting hurt.

Downed centipedes can either be killed by directing a recruited colonist to fire/melee it until it is dead or can be shut down by adding a medical bill. Dead centipedes may be disassembled at the machining table for Steel 80, Plasteel 50, and Component 2, though these values are affected by mechanoid disassembly efficiency.