Machine pistol

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Machine pistol

Machine pistol

"A personal defense weapon is a micro-submachine gun. Short range, low power, high rate of fire. Very quick to aim and fire."

Dmg Type
45 ticks (0.75 secs)
40 ticks (0.67 secs)
24 tile(s)
73% - 62% - 43% - 15%
Average Acc.
55 (m/s)
Burst Count
3 (per burst)
Burst Ticks
7 ticks (0.12 secs)
9.09 (4.39)
Steel 90 Component 3 + 834 work
Silver 550

A fast-firing submachine gun able to quickly pepper a target with bullets at close range, using an incredibly short aiming time and cooldown period to fire before the enemy can react. This makes it ideal for hit-and-run attacks, especially in close encounter situations.

The Machine pistol is best utilized in confined quarters such as hallways, due to its limited range and low accuracy. Using it to spray raiders trying to enter a corridor will quickly stop their advance and buy time for a counter-attack. Do not expect the Machine pistol to outright kill very often when you need it to, however; light weapons like this work best when given time to work, wearing targets down with the death of a thousand cuts.

Gameplay Overview

The Machine Pistol (formerly the PDW) is a typical early-mid game encountered weapon that can be found on Tribals and Outlanders alike. With its rapid fire rate and automatic nature, it is essentially a direct upgrade from the Pistol, but with only a slight deficit in Accuracy. Due to its close range limitations and rapid fire rate, the Machine Pistol is a decent weapon for those that are Trigger Happy, and great for those with lower shooting skills; being great at levelling due to the short burst interval, and the near-stream of bullets meaning the shooter will generally get a few shots off an enemy out of the many they fire. With the general spray-and-pray nature of the Machine Pistol, many shots can land in many soft spots, mainly the Brain and the Eyes.

Pawns that have been downed by Machine Pistols may be more susceptible to infection due to the sheer amount of gunshot wounds, and infections may seep through - even with immediate treatment - if doctor skill is poor.

While it may be less effective against enemies in cover, it's surprisingly efficient at downing enemies that are out of cover for more than a few seconds. Weapons which are generally superior to the Machine Pistol in its department include the Heavy SMG, Pump Shotgun and the Charge Rifle.


The Machine pistol is virtually identical in design and pattern to the venerated Uzi 9mm sub-machine gun in real life. The Uzi is an SMG primarily in service with the Israeli military since 1954 to present day, using the 9x19 Parabellum cartridge with a rate of fire of over 600 rounds per minute. The Uzi has an effective range of over 200 meters and weighs 3.5kg (7.72 lbs) standard issue.