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"The oldest human weapon - a shaped stick, heavy at one end, for bashing enemies to death. Primitive but effective."

Dmg Type
0 ticks (0 secs)
144 ticks (2.4 secs)
1 tile(s)
40 x Material Value

The club is a neolithic weapon in RimWorld that can be crafted out of any material and at a crafting spot. Commonly used by tribes, but can also be seen on bog standard pirates and outlanders too, the club deals blunt damage meaning it's generally slightly more effective when put up against armoured foes. It does the same damage per hit as its more modern descendant - the Mace, but has a slightly longer cooldown time.

Gameplay Overview

As a neolithic weapon, Clubs can be made out of any appropriate crafting material in the game. All five rock types are equally effective in terms of raw damage output, with the only differences being durability. The table below displays figures of raw damage, cooldown and DPS of all materials this weapon can be made out of. These figures assume Normal quality and full durability...

Materials Wood Stone Steel Plasteel Silver Gold Uranium Jade
Damage 9 11 11 11 12 13 15 17
Cooldown 2.16s 3.24s 2.4s 1.92s 2.4s 2.64s 3.24s 2.64s
DPS (to 3 dp) 4.167 3.395 4.583 5.729 5 4.924 4.63 6.439

DPS figures that are bold are those that are viable as they are greater than the base unarmed DPS (3.279), meaning those that aren't bold should generally be avoided as weapons.

Mace vs. Club

It is arguable that a Jade Club could beat out a Plasteel Mace, but that is highly situational dependent on the type of enemy and the level of armour they have. This table goes more in depth about it (figures assume Normal quality)...

Weapons Jade Club Plasteel Mace Silver Mace
Damage 17 11 12
Cooldown 2.64s 1.68s 2.1s
DPS (to 3 dp) 6.439 6.548 5.714

As the figures in the table show, a Jade Club trades blows when it comes to overall damage output - Plasteel Mace has a miniscule advantage, but this will diminish against more protected enemies and the Jade Club will most likely take the lead as armour levels increase. The Silver Mace was thrown in the mix too because of Silver's slight advantage in damage per hit with blunt weapons. Silver is clearly outmatched by the other two weapons though by quite a margin.