Component assembly bench

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Component assembly bench

Component assembly bench

A workbench equipped with advanced tools for producing components from simpler materials.

2 ˣ 5
Steel 400 + Component 20

A component assembly bench is used by smiths to create components.

When Component assembly has been researched, the Component assembly bench can be made. There is only one bill: Make components Component 1 for Steel 25 by a smith with crafting of at least 10.

The component assembly bench is a stopgap measure at best. Constructing components from raw steel is so expensive that the player is better off selling their steel to purchase components from traders directly. Players suffering a component shortage would be better served not building the component assembly bench at all, as the bench itself requires an extra Steel 500 just to pay for its own components.

Players in search of components are generally better off purchasing them from traders or establish caravans to trade with nearby settlements. Compacted Machinery may even be found on caravan ambushes, which can be mined out and added to the convoy as a renewable source of components.

On the other hand, with a great demand for components in most colonies, component assembly is a great way to train colonists' crafting skill, if they are already good at crafting.