Bionic arm

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Bionic arm

One of the most sophisticated arm replacements. Gives extreme strength to its user.

Medical ItemBody Part

Base Stats

Market Value
Max Hit Points
Melee Cooldown
Melee Damage

Stat Modifiers

A bionic arm is a very useful replacement for a natural arm. They are universal and can be installed on either left or right arms. It has 140% efficiency, increasing a colonist's manipulation by 20% for each bionic arm installed. A bionic arm's strength gives its bearer a melee attack of 9 damage when an attack uses that arm, compared to 5 damage from a natural arm. An installed bionic arm will replace a colonist's arm up to and including the shoulder. They are rarely offered for sale by exotic traders and at Outlander bases.

Since bionic arms increase a colonist manipulation stat, it is advised to add them to colonist with a high skill level on Crafting or Medicine since those skills depend greatly on the manipulation stat. For example, a doctor will have a better chance at a high quality treatment if he or she has increased manipulation stats, and craftsmen will make objects faster.

As with all bionics, it will give a mood buff to anyone with the Prostophile trait and a penalty to anyone with the Prostophobe trait.

Melee Attack Damage Amount Cooldown DPS
Blunt 9 100 5.4